What herbs to drink for colds

Winter always brings the cold. Come to the aid of medicinal herbs for the common cold. Herbs for colds are used by man for a long time. Because such a huge number of drugs for colds have appeared recently. And sick people always.

Folk medicine, experience of the use of herbs as folklore for many thousands of years passed down from one generation to the next.

Another advantage of herbs is they are less toxic, have less side effects unlike synthetic drugs. They can be taken and young children, and pregnant women.

In the treatment of colds herbs, of course, should comply with the dosage, to brew, to know about contraindications of herbs used.

In this article I will talk about the most well-known and frequently used herbs for colds.

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Fresh juice – benefits and harms

We bring to your attention traditional recipes treat fresh juices . The raw vegetable and especially fruit juices have a lot of enzymes (compounds that facilitate the digestion and absorption of food into the blood) and vitamins, the body eliminates waste products and toxins.

Fresh juices keep you healthy and heal many diseases.

Enzymes become inert at a temperature above 49 degrees, and most of them destroyed at a temperature of 54 degrees. No food without enzymes leads to various diseases.

Even in vegetables and fruits have a large amount of tissue with necessary elements that nourish the entire body.

Fresh vegetable juices build and regenerate the body, and fruit juices it is cleaned. Juices, consumed in fresh form, contain all the mineral salts, amino acids and vitamins necessary for normal human functioning.

Juices you can drink as much as you want, without forcing. If you juices are treated, then you need to drink them daily for a minimum of 600 g, and then it will be visible result of treatment. Continue reading