What herbs to drink for colds

Winter always brings the cold. Come to the aid of medicinal herbs for the common cold. Herbs for colds are used by man for a long time. Because such a huge number of drugs for colds have appeared recently. And sick people always.

Folk medicine, experience of the use of herbs as folklore for many thousands of years passed down from one generation to the next.

Another advantage of herbs is they are less toxic, have less side effects unlike synthetic drugs. They can be taken and young children, and pregnant women.

In the treatment of colds herbs, of course, should comply with the dosage, to brew, to know about contraindications of herbs used.

In this article I will talk about the most well-known and frequently used herbs for colds.

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Medicinal herbs and plants

Active development of classical scientific medicine does not diminish the value of medicinal plants, which are essential. Technology of assembling, storing, growing and use for many centuries have been passed from generation to generation.

Medicinal herbs are a large group of plants, parts of which are used to obtain substances, which are used in classical, folk and veterinary medicine for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes.

The value

In the modern world, due to the fact that medicinal plants have been studied intensively by scientists. Created whole directories, which contain information on herbal medicine. Medicinal herbs are applied in our days everywhere. It often happens that a Cup of herbal tea replaces medicines and essential oils are used for the treatment of various diseases. Continue reading