Fresh juice - benefits and harms
We bring to your attention traditional recipes treat fresh juices . The raw vegetable and especially fruit juices have a lot of enzymes (compounds that facilitate the digestion and absorption…

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Medicinal herbs and plants
Active development of classical scientific medicine does not diminish the value of medicinal plants, which are essential. Technology of assembling, storing, growing and use for many centuries have been passed…

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British cats who know how to treat

Have you noticed how well and fresh you feel after talking with the cat? It turns out that the reason for such positive change is not only a sincere love for these amazing animals and their unique features that were known to people since ancient times. Cats were worshipped, appreciated and respected in many cultures, largely due to their mysterious abilities. How to get rid of stress, heart disease, effects of injury and other ailments from the extensive list? Very simple – to have a British cat that will become your friend, companion, home physician, the effectiveness of procedures which you can see from the first days of stay of animals in the house.

Unfortunately, many people who lead an active lifestyle, cats don’t seem the best neighbors in the house, as it is a and wool, and food, and an additional source of dirt, but this is not in the root view, since a cat is a source of positive emotions, the best anti-stress, and just understanding and always loyal friend who always listen and never betray.

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Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of epilepsy

In epilepsy treatment is best carried out taking into account constitutional type.

The Constitution of a “Windy” type (the excess in the meridians of the gallbladder and liver). In China it is called the syndrome of internal Wind of the liver and may occur after closed cranial trauma.

The failure of “Wind”, i.e. the lack of the meridians of the gallbladder and liver. It happens in severe liver failure because of toxic liver damage, drug-induced hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver.

Insufficient “Warm” and “Hot” types. For example, typical for epilepsy lesions of the small intestine, heart, triple heater meridians and the vascular systems, which often give very large seizures.

Epilepsy in patients with excess Constitution “Wet” type. Epilepsy it is considered “Yang” of the stomach. These patients are usually plethoric. Have hypertension, epigastric pain. Continue reading