Initiation into a shaman – Shamanism – the Shaman crystal

On cosmogonic representations of ancient Sakha, the universe is divided into three parts: Upper, Middle and Lower worlds with their deities and creatures.

The upper world is multi-tiered space, where the ninth highest tier sits the Supreme God YPYH AAR toyon, the White Lord Creator, like the Sun, the Creator of the Universe. About him in the epic-Olonkho said: “With the seat out of a milk-white stone, with breath from the intense heat, with a cap of three Sables, lynx like white, White the Elder Lord”. It has another name – YPYH Aiyy toyon.

A shaman could be a man, marked by the will of gods or spirits, having inherited the gift in the family or came into contact with the deceased shaman. The birth had some special features and has been tested by disease, because the coot was carried away perfume for education, which can be any of the messengers of the three worlds. The most powerful shaman was raised in the Upper world in one of the nine nests shamanic sacred tree – larch. Continue reading

Is it possible to refer to healers, who read prayers and turn to the icons?

The Church was opposed to the healers of the people. But if the healer reads prayers? As Matrona of Moscow during the life of treated people! Can I turn to healers who treat prayer, if the doctor didn’t help?

Now I just spoke on this topic, and now I will say about that. How to fool people? “I’m a Catholic, I am a believer, my icons, my all, look! Come here!”

Cheat than those wizards and witches? Hung the icons, send a man to take communion or anything, and you understand what occurs? Read, think, pray, and actually is blasphemy. Prayers are recited not for the Lord to heal our soul from passions and granted salvation, but really for another purpose. The words of the prayer are only the pretext. The words, not prayer. Prayer is not, and there are words. They understand that perfectly. They pronounce these words and actually opposed to God. For example, the monk John Cassian the Roman is a striking words to remember: “Many corrupt minds and totally abjure the faith, in the name of God doing great signs and wonders.” What is “the name of the Lord”? Continue reading

Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of epilepsy

In epilepsy treatment is best carried out taking into account constitutional type.

The Constitution of a “Windy” type (the excess in the meridians of the gallbladder and liver). In China it is called the syndrome of internal Wind of the liver and may occur after closed cranial trauma.

The failure of “Wind”, i.e. the lack of the meridians of the gallbladder and liver. It happens in severe liver failure because of toxic liver damage, drug-induced hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver.

Insufficient “Warm” and “Hot” types. For example, typical for epilepsy lesions of the small intestine, heart, triple heater meridians and the vascular systems, which often give very large seizures.

Epilepsy in patients with excess Constitution “Wet” type. Epilepsy it is considered “Yang” of the stomach. These patients are usually plethoric. Have hypertension, epigastric pain. Continue reading