Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of epilepsy
In epilepsy treatment is best carried out taking into account constitutional type. The Constitution of a "Windy" type (the excess in the meridians of the gallbladder and liver). In China…

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Ayahuasca mystic tour to healers, shamans, Peru + Machu Picchu
Eco-tour to Lima The cost of the tour. 1750 duration of the tour. 10 days / 9 nights Languages: Spanish, English, Russian Mystical healing Wellness tour to the shamans, the…

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Which is beneficial to grow in a greenhouse – recommendation for beginners

Greenhouse business – a profitable business

The more our life is technical progress, the more people pay attention to a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. And the more obvious the benefits become greenhouse business, providing the people with fresh vegetables all year round.

With the right approach to business it remains profitable despite the ever increasing competition in this field.

Where to start

Of course, you have to start with buying or building greenhouses. This is if you already have a plot of land under it.

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Recipe of Chinese medicine hemorrhoids – treatment of hemorrhoids

Don’t worry – one bottle means when used properly, enough at least for six months, so by purchasing it, you are guaranteed to get luxurious lashes prescription Chinese medicine hemorrhoids As it is described In traditional Chinese medicine treatment of hemorrhoids is performed without surgery.More than a thousand years is the age of some of the recipes effectively used to this day in more than 140 countries around the world recognize and apply the methods of traditional Chinese medicine.Bezornil – ointment for hemorrhoids, created by the recipes of traditional Chinese medicine with natural ingredients it Has complex impact the Core functions of the ointment – the removal of inflammation and swelling with hemorrhoids.

The Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids was carried out immediately in Neskolkometrovuyu on ancient Tibetan recipes and using modern technology.Chinese medicine was always on par, and often even exceeded the European.2015 hemorrhoids Treatment of hemorrhoids without surgery Cause of hemorrhoids in Chinese medicine lack of energy. Continue reading

Medicinal herbs during pregnancy, dangerous herbs

Usually any expectant mother, trying not to hurt her baby, avoiding blind application of drugs and chemicals. We all understand that almost any drugs can affect health and proper fetal development. And, of course, consult with doctors about their use in that case, if you are sick.

But, when it comes to the treatment of medicinal herbs, many consider them completely harmless. We often hear these words: “What is a harmless weed”. Here is a profound mistake!

Let’s try to figure out whether weed is so harmless, according to most. As for the application of many medicinal plants there are contraindications. A pregnant woman must be especially cautious about what she takes, because it affects the lives and health of her child.

Herbs contraindicated in pregnancy

Oddly enough, but the list of medicinal plants that disrupt the correct course of pregnancy and can cause abortion (miscarriage) is very extensive. So distribute them by type of impact on a pregnant woman’s body.

Plants that can cause a miscarriage

This is the most dangerous category of medicinal plants for the pregnant woman.They all cause increased tone of the uterus and may cause abortion. Continue reading