Cinnamon - benefits and harms, the healing properties of cinnamon, contraindications
The Ceylon cinnamon tree or Cinnamon tree of the Laurel family, the cinnamon tree of the genus. This evergreen tree or shrub. Its cylindrical branches, leaves opposite, ovate-oblong, acuminate. Flowers…

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Recipes of traditional medicine the Use of medicinal herbs in diabetes mellitus.
Good day! Today we have a continuation of that started last themes. This time we will focus on the treatment of diabetes, therefore with the help of herbs. I highly…

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Sorcery and spiritual healing

By its very nature, sorcery and spiritual healing – concepts absolutely different. For example, in the lexicon of nineteenth-century medicine man meant a man “knows”, that is appropriate. Only later, in the early XX century, in the minds of men the figure of the sorcerer has become associated with something else. This can either be a clinical herbalist or a chiropractor, and in some cases people that use prayers or spells.

However, the spiritual healer is quite different. Certainly it can use traditional means, and used in sorcery. But for the spiritual healer is not enough. This is primarily an analyst and, of course, the psychologist, as a rule, received their knowledge not at the Institute.

Many of the Holy elders, known in the Orthodox religion, were spiritual healers. It is as a result of their actions, the authority of the Orthodox prayer still stands so high. However, the saints could not and did not dare to go beyond the Orthodox traditions. But as you know, the form does not always match the content. And although the saints were a particular way of life according to prescribed rules, to achieve tangible results in the healing of this little. Continue reading

Safest ways to clean the blood

In the spring most people spoiled skin. Out of the blue occur pimples and acne, aggravated psoriasis, furunculosis, dermatitis and seborrhea. There are a lot of reasons for this: vitamin deficiency, hormonal surge from the first, warm rays of the sun, the slagging of the body winter food, which is primarily fatty, and sweet mayonnaise.

What to do?

Cleaned blood the safest ways.

1.Lemon-honey drink . about which I wrote in the blog, cleanses the whole body: blood, lymph, gastrointestinal tract and skin. Boosts the immune system much better than any of Echinacea.

Recipe: a glass of mineral water (you can use plain, slightly warmed), a spoon of honey and the juice of 1 lemon. To prevent need to drink it once daily in the morning. If you want to be cleansed of capital, you can drink a liter a day, but not for long.

2. One of the most powerful herbal blood cleaners Bedstraw . It helps even when running forms abrasions, although the disease is difficult to treat. For acne especially. Continue reading

Reflexology – what is it?

Reflexology – is a collective image, which includes the impact of needles, electrical current, laser beam; cauterization, massage, application of various medicines, bloodletting, etc. – on the biologically active points (BAP, dot), located on the body and in the human body.

The history of this method goes back centuries. The opening of various biologically active points can be represented in this way. The ancient people cultivated the land of the stone hoe. While he has a bad headache. Monitoring of the hoe has been lost, as a result of a man accidentally hits a hoe in the leg. Hurt. very painful! But suddenly he notices that his head has stopped hurting.

So empirically and were discovered biologically active points. Chinese medicine has assigned this discovery, but it is possible and to argue. Archaeologists find bone and stone needles in ancient strata around the world. The first written mention of the treatment of the eagle, a clay tablet found during excavations in Egypt. In ancient times, needles were treated in Vietnam, Korea, India, Russia, America. Unfortunately, in these countries the science of acupuncture practically did not develop and was forgotten. Continue reading