Traditional folk medicine

The right to engage in national medicine (healing)
The national medicine is healing methods, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, based on the experience of generations of people, entrenched in national traditions and not registered in the order established by…

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The use of medicinal plants
Medicinal plants since ancient times served the purposes of practical medicine. Primitive man was looking around him in the means of plants against many diseases. The use of medicinal plants…

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Chinese medicine today

Modern pharmacology, Feng Shui, Qigong, acupuncture, acupuncture, herbal medicine – all these are treated in China today.

Modern Chinese medicine today have many causes not just the trust, and admiration, bordering on worship. But, as a rule, this attitude is based on some myths from the past and mysterious, but not proven from the present data. What China’s really like something special treat?

In fact, the situation with medicine in China today were mixed, and traditional medical practices, with government support, are actively exported to the West is very contradictory, and sometimes quack. But that’s not stopping the suffering of getting rid of all sorts of ailments, and often gullible citizens carry their money to the Chinese healers, strongly believing that the Eastern practice is a panacea.

The historical aspect

It should briefly cover at least because of Chinese medicine in its present form at least 50% consists of the ancient practices that are now being actively promoted. Continue reading

The use of medicinal plants

Medicinal plants since ancient times served the purposes of practical medicine. Primitive man was looking around him in the means of plants against many diseases.

The use of medicinal plants for medicinal purposes (herbal medicine) is still relevant in our days. In Russia herbal drugs constitute approximately 40% of the total number used in the practice of medicine drugs. Every third therapeutic drug in the world market of vegetable origin. Even in the U.S., where traditionally use synthetic drugs, 26.2% of drugs that contain medicinal plants. Even more widely used in Germany, France, Japan, Italy, the European socialist countries. In countries such as India, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mali, Tanzania, medicines from plants have an even higher value than synthetic drugs.

At the beginning of the 20th century, medicinal plants occupied 80% of the market of medical drugs, but then synthetic drugs predominated. Continue reading

Lupin: therapeutic properties, application, and recipes

The Latin name of the plant means “wolf”. Lupin belongs to a one-year rhizomatous plants of the legume family. Often it occurs as herbaceous plant, and more rarely as a shrub. It should be noted that there are two hundred species of lupine that grow in different parts of the world. But more often it occurs in North America and the Mediterranean. The peculiarity of it is that it is unpretentious to soil conditions. Can grow on any soil but grows best on slightly acidic and slightly alkaline.

The lupine leaves are petiolate, palmately they collected in the rosette. The flowers are racemes of various colors. They can be white, blue, yellow and purple, pink and purple, cream and red. Lupine blooms throughout June. This herbaceous plant can grow to a height of 120 centimeters. Its stems are smooth and durable, almost naked.

The fruit of the lupine — Bob of irregular shape, containing different number of seeds. More can be found lupine multivalent. This species is frost-resistant and completely unpretentious. That’s why you can meet him even in the taiga of Russia. Typically, the lupine grows along roadsides and in forests. Continue reading

Treatment of folk remedies vascular “asterisks”

Vascular “spiders”, spider nets, spider veins or telangiectasia is the dilation of blood vessels, local expansion of capillaries and small terminal arteries. They often form on the legs. According to statistics, the problem of vascular pattern is found in more than 90% of adults. Occurs in giperestrogenia (elevated levels of estrogen), pathology of blood vessels. In appearance telangiectasias are divided into glomerular (vascular stars), branched and pautinopodobnoj (“spider veins”). Spider veins appear on the background of chronic venous insufficiency are the symptoms of varicose veins, but they can also be a cause of hormonal imbalance in women in the present or in the past. The main method of treating telangiectasia with the localization on the legs is micro-sclero.

Rosacea is a common winter problem, popularly known as the vascular mesh. Its appearance on the face indicates a lack of elasticity of capillaries located close to the skin. To strengthen the blood vessels using contrast showers only to prevent, and when spider veins have appeared, you should reconsider your habits. Continue reading

What herbs to drink for colds

Winter always brings the cold. Come to the aid of medicinal herbs for the common cold. Herbs for colds are used by man for a long time. Because such a huge number of drugs for colds have appeared recently. And sick people always.

Folk medicine, experience of the use of herbs as folklore for many thousands of years passed down from one generation to the next.

Another advantage of herbs is they are less toxic, have less side effects unlike synthetic drugs. They can be taken and young children, and pregnant women.

In the treatment of colds herbs, of course, should comply with the dosage, to brew, to know about contraindications of herbs used.

In this article I will talk about the most well-known and frequently used herbs for colds.

Herbs for colds. Continue reading

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