Traditional folk medicine

Healing arts Reiki Center for the study of Esotericism and the development of Consciousness

What is Reiki

Reiki is primarily a healing egregore. According to available information – this egregor was created artificially, but we do not know when and by whom.

Connected to this egregore of man becomes a conductor of energy-information healing qualities, through which he directs his hands on the patient. Respectively, for exposure to the outside, energy must circulate in a person in the Direct circle.

All Reiki symbols are designed to modulate the energy flowing.

Rituals of Reiki carry out the connection of consciousness to the Egregor of Reiki and conduct of energy-information from the egregor.

The approach to Healing in Esoteric Contract differs from a Social relationship to Reiki.

Let’s try to explain why.

What is Reiki in the Social Contract ?

It is a fiction. It’s a miracle, you want to believe. This kind of fashionable phenomenon – a sort of “club” of favorites. Continue reading

Alternative medicine Asia: truth or fiction?

The global center of alternative medicine for many centuries was considered a mysterious Asia. And today, in the era of astounding technical progress, health tours of Asian destinations are not less popular than tours to European health resorts.

Tibetan medicine

The oldest centers of Tibetan medicine exist in many countries (India, China, Nepal and others). It is based on the Buddhist teaching that all phenomena, including human diseases generated by the mind. Man is a unity of spiritual, physical and magical spheres, the harmony of which determines its health.

Tibetan medicine began to develop in the XVII century, with the arrival in Tibet of Buddhism. Then into Tibetan were translated not only philosophical texts, but also writings on medicine, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese and Persian healers. Based on the borrowings from these works and have developed the Tibetan medical teachings. Continue reading

Traditional healers – the WAY to YOURSELF

T. E. Shoikova

Age-63 years.

Lives in: S. Bolshetroitsky Belgorod region Shebekino district.

I met with Tatiana Chuikova unexpectedly. Namely, as soon as I began working more closely study and consider methods of prevention of health, immediately in my life’s journey began to meet healers, and completely unexpectedly, such as a Bud is as it should be. All of this can be pochitaite the phrase “the will of the Lord” or in other words, the thoughts and words we have spoken and sooner or later become a matter or the same unplowed in the events happening to each of us.

We met with Tatiana 3 years ago in 2012 when a completely ordinary circumstances. It was a car I very much and often make from St. Petersburg to Stavropol. But before social media I was kontaktirovat with his best friend student years Litewskim Alexander,with whom we studied at the Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute. Continue reading

Medicinal herbs and plants

Active development of classical scientific medicine does not diminish the value of medicinal plants, which are essential. Technology of assembling, storing, growing and use for many centuries have been passed from generation to generation.

Medicinal herbs are a large group of plants, parts of which are used to obtain substances, which are used in classical, folk and veterinary medicine for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes.

The value

In the modern world, due to the fact that medicinal plants have been studied intensively by scientists. Created whole directories, which contain information on herbal medicine. Medicinal herbs are applied in our days everywhere. It often happens that a Cup of herbal tea replaces medicines and essential oils are used for the treatment of various diseases. Continue reading

British cats who know how to treat

Have you noticed how well and fresh you feel after talking with the cat? It turns out that the reason for such positive change is not only a sincere love for these amazing animals and their unique features that were known to people since ancient times. Cats were worshipped, appreciated and respected in many cultures, largely due to their mysterious abilities. How to get rid of stress, heart disease, effects of injury and other ailments from the extensive list? Very simple – to have a British cat that will become your friend, companion, home physician, the effectiveness of procedures which you can see from the first days of stay of animals in the house.

Unfortunately, many people who lead an active lifestyle, cats don’t seem the best neighbors in the house, as it is a and wool, and food, and an additional source of dirt, but this is not in the root view, since a cat is a source of positive emotions, the best anti-stress, and just understanding and always loyal friend who always listen and never betray.

British cats have amazingly soft plush wool, which, in the opinion of the professionals, while you are in a familiar framework communicate with your beloved pet, all of your troubles go on veriplan, and you forget about all problems and troubles. Continue reading

Catalogue of medicinal plants and herbs
With a deep, even ancient peoples knew about the healing power of medicinal plants and in the treatment of patients they were used everywhere. In Kievan Rus from the first…


Alternative medicine – the main competitor of traditional
For many centuries, alternative medicine, or as it is called – alternative, Chagall in one leg with traditional medicine use, almost from her, not behind, and in some aspects even…

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