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Growing medicinal plants on the original bed

When it comes to what to plant in the suburban area, as a rule, preference is immediately given to the vegetables, fruit, and sometimes medicinal plants. However, in moments of relaxation between righteous works, or after the bath can, for example, make a fresh Cup of fragrant tea from herbs grown on his bed.

Great idea – “tea yard” on the site. Easy to grow medicinal herbs . are brewed to make a tasty drink or added to tea leaves to flavor the usual tea. In addition, this unusual flower garden will decorate the site.

It is hard to imagine “tea bed” without different kinds of mint . You should not solely grow peppermint: strong taste of menthol can suppress the other components of tea. There are, for example, a hybrid mint with lemon and Apple flavor. Look beautiful in the flower garden mint shape with strongly corrugated, or multi-colored leaves, and the tea they give it a special flavor note.

The candidate for a place in an unusual bed – thyme . It is often used as a component of tea weighing on factories. Thanks to modern breeding there are different forms of thyme. There are plants with aroma of thymol, and lemon-scented. Eliviria thyme with purple colored leaves or variegated forms, the flower bed will look especially elegant.

Perfect for tea flower garden oregano . which is often added to “afternoon” drink. There are many fragrant varieties of oregano, for example, rainbow and Northern lights . Breeders have created very interesting shapes with different coloring and texture of the leaves, with wonderful flavor they lose. There are, for example, varieties with curly and variegated leaves.

Appropriate to grow in the flower bed tea and sage . Of course, the scent is almost the same for all varieties and forms, but the color of the leaves is quite diverse. Currently popular form of the Tricolor . However, conventional sage looks elegant. At tea sage adds quite a bit and usually blend in with other plants, but for a change of taste it is well suited as a tea component.

Less decorative, but universal in application Melissa . It is known to many gardeners and are readily grown in suburban areas. Only put in the tea leaves collected before flowering: they are more tender and flavorful. However, I prefer the plant such as zmeegolovnika . Its lemon flavor combined with a long blooming leaves no one indifferent. It is very promising belotsvetkovaya form. Zmeegolovnika can be used in the blend of black tea and brew separately.

Will fit perfectly into a tea bed of hyssop medicinal . The flower color of plants is very diverse – from white to blue, so it looks very elegant.

All grown medicinal herbs in the “tea” garden, except Melissa, collected during flowering, dried in the shade in a well ventilated area. You can dry them in bunches, cutting off only the tops. After this “bouquets” are put in cloth sacks and stored in a dry place. In the form of uncomminuted raw better preserves the flavor. Immediately before use, separate the leaves and flowers, mix them or add in black and green tea.

In teas for a feast usually include star anise and fennel . Their fruits can be mixed in tea, but in small quantities, otherwise the drink will remind the pharmacy collection.

The original bed can be diversified by planting flowers such as calendula, cornflower, chamomile . This traditionally tea plants, although not to say that they have an unusual flavor.

Bright, beautiful plants that can be used as “tea”, a lot. If planted in a flower bed or a flower bed, leaves, flowers for healthy beverage will always be at hand.