Fresh juice – benefits and harms

We bring to your attention traditional recipes treat fresh juices . The raw vegetable and especially fruit juices have a lot of enzymes (compounds that facilitate the digestion and absorption of food into the blood) and vitamins, the body eliminates waste products and toxins.

Fresh juices keep you healthy and heal many diseases.

Enzymes become inert at a temperature above 49 degrees, and most of them destroyed at a temperature of 54 degrees. No food without enzymes leads to various diseases.

Even in vegetables and fruits have a large amount of tissue with necessary elements that nourish the entire body.

Fresh vegetable juices build and regenerate the body, and fruit juices it is cleaned. Juices, consumed in fresh form, contain all the mineral salts, amino acids and vitamins necessary for normal human functioning.

Juices you can drink as much as you want, without forcing. If you juices are treated, then you need to drink them daily for a minimum of 600 g, and then it will be visible result of treatment.

From vegetables the most affordable and cheap are carrots, beets and cabbage. And fresh juices from them the most useful and valuable.

Fresh cabbage juice

Fresh cabbage juice is a great cleaning agent, especially for dieters,and also cures constipation, duodenal ulcer, rashes on the skin and effectively helps in tumors. Wonderful cleansing for the body remedy is a mixture of juices of carrot and cabbage.

If, as a result of receiving fresh cabbage juice due to an unhealthy bowel brought by flatulence, it is recommended to clean the intestine. For this daily for two weeks, do a cleansing enema and to drink carrot juice.

Freshly squeezed juice of raw cabbage is very nutritious, because it has a lot of vitamins, salts and enzymes. During the heat treatment of cabbage most of these substances are destroyed. 300 g of raw cabbage juice of the body to assimilate more organic food than 500 grams of canned or boiled cabbage.

It should be noted that you should not add salt to the cabbage or cabbage juice, as it not only destroys its value, but also harms the body.

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Freshly squeezed carrot juice

In fresh carrot juice have plenty of vitamin A, D, E, b, C. It improves the structure of teeth and digestion, helps to bring the body back to normal, fights against cancers and ulcers, improves vision, treats inflammation of the skin and liver.

Freshly squeezed beet juice

Fresh beet juice is the best way to improve the composition of blood. It cleanses the liver, kidneys and gall bladder, lowers high blood pressure, normalizes heart activity, helps with disorders of the menstrual cycle and alleviates the climacteric period.

Freshly squeezed juices – recipes disease treatment

Before you start the treatment freshly squeezed juices . you need to cleanse the body of toxins.

Quick and effective method of cleansing the body is the following method.

Make a solution of a tablespoon of Glauber’s salt in a glass of water and drink first thing in the morning. Should get about 3-4 liters of sewage. Do not lead to dehydration, drink in the same day about 4 liters of citrus juice with added water. To prepare this juice you need to take three lemons, 6 medium size grapefruit and some orange (to get only 2 litres of juice) and dilute to 2 liters of water. Start drinking juice half an hour after you drink a solution of Glauber’s salt, and then continue to drink it every half hour until all four liters. A whole day can not eat anything, only night allowed to eat a little bit of orange, grapefruit, or drink their juice. Before bed you need to put an enema of two liters lukewarm water with juice of lemons couple.

To cleanse the body so it’s three days in a row. He’ll make about 12 liters of toxic lymph, instead of which received the same amount omelicheva fluid.

See below the composition of fresh juices in a proportion of for the treatment of various diseases. The first recipe in the list are the most preferred for this disease.

Allergy treatment:

1) 10 parts carrot, 6 pieces of spinach

2) 10 pieces carrot, 3 pieces of fresh cucumbers, 3 pieces beets

3) carrots

Treatment of appendicitis:

1) carrots

2) 7 pieces of carrot, 4 pieces of celery, 2 parts of parsley, 3 pieces of spinach

Treatment of vascular sclerosis:

1) 10 parts carrot, 6 pieces of spinach

2) 7 pieces of carrot, 4 pieces of celery, 2 parts of parsley, 3 pieces of spinach

3) 8 pieces carrot, 3 pieces beets, 5 pieces of celery

Arthritis treatment: 1) grapefruit 2) 10 pieces of carrot, 6 pieces of spinach 3) celery 4) 9 parts of carrots, 7 celery

3) 9 parts of carrots, 7 celery

4) 1 piece of carrot, 5 pieces of radish or radish

2) 10 pieces of carrot, 6 pieces of spinach