Traditional healers – the WAY to YOURSELF

T. E. Shoikova

Age-63 years.

Lives in: S. Bolshetroitsky Belgorod region Shebekino district.

I met with Tatiana Chuikova unexpectedly. Namely, as soon as I began working more closely study and consider methods of prevention of health, immediately in my life’s journey began to meet healers, and completely unexpectedly, such as a Bud is as it should be. All of this can be pochitaite the phrase “the will of the Lord” or in other words, the thoughts and words we have spoken and sooner or later become a matter or the same unplowed in the events happening to each of us.

We met with Tatiana 3 years ago in 2012 when a completely ordinary circumstances. It was a car I very much and often make from St. Petersburg to Stavropol. But before social media I was kontaktirovat with his best friend student years Litewskim Alexander,with whom we studied at the Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute. Accordingly my plan was to make korrektirovke route and stop in S. Bolshetroitsky the Belgorod region. We went together with my daughter, Ksenia, and she was carrying the gift, newborn hamster, the other Mary, daughter of my friend. After we had a long chat, and come to understand our destiny, all those years, and we haven’t seen for exactly 30 years were almost identical, and the periods of success and downs it looked as if the fate of one man, of course the same symbols, circumstances, events were completely different, but strangely it was in something very similar. All poditozhil the fact that even the youngest daughters were born almost at the same time, and we call them the same name.

In one of the kebab conversations on the nature we were together with Tatiana Chuykova. Not long we talked about everything and nothing, and quickly came to the conclusion that Tatyana was talking to interesting and me and her subject. We started obsedati years ago and continue to this day, constantly contacting by phone. This is the theme of health, our health, which is so fragile, and it depends on many factors including, and probably very much what we filled, our actions, our words, our thoughts, and then habits, nutrition, lifestyle.

Tatiana once said that energy can massage remove salts from the body, and added: “medicine can’t cope with that, I have found the technique of” How I do it was curious, given the fact that a large part of my life, I mean its the labor part went to the North, and that in my employment history includes five significant construction projects ranging from Urengoyskaya GRES and finishing the project railway Ulak-Elga in Yakutia. I write about this because many of my compatriots have 40 years of work experience in the construction period of the developed socialism will understand me and not by hearsay know that all is not well reflected in the quality of health. After I met with Tatiana to the yoga community to note that “with each day getting better and better” And her energy massages with toxins and salt of course really wanted to try. With this majenta I have been coming to Tatiana daily to the sessions. Sensations from the first session may recall that the sweat poured from me a hail, and Tatiana didn’t manage to smack yourself with copious streams of sweat, and constantly wiped away, she looked of course not I’m a fan. But when the session was over, I really felt a significant relief in my lower back. I would like to say a few words about the last session that was completely different, completely no excreta, the session and during the session random conversation on different topics. Then Tatiana podel with me their feelings telling that during the first session, when I was not well, her feelings were not good ten times stronger. But in the last session when it was easy, she admitted: “you have no idea how happy I am that you good, it’s also significantly stronger. That is an interesting technique which I had for the first time in my life.