Alternative medicine Asia: truth or fiction?

The global center of alternative medicine for many centuries was considered a mysterious Asia. And today, in the era of astounding technical progress, health tours of Asian destinations are not less popular than tours to European health resorts.

Tibetan medicine

The oldest centers of Tibetan medicine exist in many countries (India, China, Nepal and others). It is based on the Buddhist teaching that all phenomena, including human diseases generated by the mind. Man is a unity of spiritual, physical and magical spheres, the harmony of which determines its health.

Tibetan medicine began to develop in the XVII century, with the arrival in Tibet of Buddhism. Then into Tibetan were translated not only philosophical texts, but also writings on medicine, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese and Persian healers. Based on the borrowings from these works and have developed the Tibetan medical teachings.

The Tibetans believe that by nature man is released to live 800 years, the main thing is to care for their health. Do they believe that a person can’t be unhealthy only one body. Everything flowing in our body are interconnected, so any disease alleycatallies disharmony in the body. In other words, the treatment should be comprehensive. The course of improvement involves taking the open chakra (Tibetan Lama), which balances the energy body, homeopathic medicines, acupressure massage head and body, acupuncture, manual therapy, herbal baths (for each patient, a special broth of herbs 50), conversations and instructions, calming and tuning in a positive way. The price for each of these procedures vary from 50 to 300 dollars.

The main center of Tibetan medicine is located in Lhasa, capital of Tibet. Its branches are opened in many cities, one of the largest in Beijing. Over the centuries, the original method has not practically changed and is still used to treat a number of diseases: pneumonia, asthma and lung cancer, strokes, hypertension and varicose veins, gastritis, hepatitis and pancreatitis, nephritis, diabetes, anemia, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

The full course of treatment in Tibetan medicine Center lasts from 3 to 6 months and costs up to $ 1,000 per month.

Philippine healers

The myth of the wonderful Filipino healers that operate on their patients using a scalpel and other surgical instruments, has long been spread around the world. The phenomenon of so-called healers (from the English. to heal – “heal”) investigated more than a dozen years, but scientists haven’t been able to answer unequivocally, whether it is quackery or a miracle of nature. Some believe healers scams, cleverly fine-tuned their operations and pulling out of unsuspecting customers large sums of money, others lay on their unique gift to last hope, and travel thousands of miles to get to them at the reception.

Healers live mainly in the North of the Philippines, Baguio. This place is completely shrouded in mystery: the instruments passing along the coast of ships suddenly start to act up, and flying in helicopters over the city is forbidden for security purposes. According to one version, in the area of the island unprecedented strong energy field. It is perhaps for this reason, the Philippine healers rarely agree to conduct operations outside of Northern Luzon and abroad and not lose your healing abilities.

Being in a state of meditation, they are at your fingertips make the cut and penetrate the human body, removing the diseased organ or cutting off the tumor. From a gaping wound gushes blood, however after the operation on the patient’s body are not left absolutely no trace, even the slightest scar. While the pain the patient is almost completely absent, except for the light tingling in the skin where the operation was conducted.

The healers themselves explain their actions with strength and energy of the astral body. At the time of surgery, the healer immerses into a state of astral and seemed to fall into another dimension, “to pull” behind itself and the affected area. The energy of the astral body, which radiates from the middle of his fingers and palm center, enters the physical body and dampens the center of pain. On transition the human body into another realm of consciousness I have said before. In particular, Buddhist monks, Indian yogis and African priests, so in this sense, the healers have not opened anything new. However, such operations today are conducted only in the Philippines.

In the country practice a few hundred of these healers. The cost of a six-day course of treatment is an average of 1200-1500 dollars. This amount usually includes ointments and herbal infusions, which the healer assigns for daily use.