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Healing arts Reiki Center for the study of Esotericism and the development of Consciousness

What is Reiki

Reiki is primarily a healing egregore. According to available information – this egregor was created artificially, but we do not know when and by whom.

Connected to this egregore of man becomes a conductor of energy-information healing qualities, through which he directs his hands on the patient. Respectively, for exposure to the outside, energy must circulate in a person in the Direct circle.

All Reiki symbols are designed to modulate the energy flowing.

Rituals of Reiki carry out the connection of consciousness to the Egregor of Reiki and conduct of energy-information from the egregor.

The approach to Healing in Esoteric Contract differs from a Social relationship to Reiki.

Let’s try to explain why.

What is Reiki in the Social Contract ?

It is a fiction. It’s a miracle, you want to believe. This kind of fashionable phenomenon – a sort of “club” of favorites.

Many around the Initiation of Reiki – and I also want.

What makes Reiki a social person ?

Practically nothing. Laying hands on the sore spot and waiting for miraculous instant healings. Healing usually does not happen instantly – and the social man, once again make sure that these “alternatives” again “cheated”. and that when something hurts you need to go to the doctor,and not to “fool around”.

We know a lot of people around, with the Initiation of Reiki up to the Master, inclusive, and which continues always and everywhere to turn to social medicine at any opportunity.

I.e. about Reiki you can talk, but when it aches it is better “not to risk” and to go to the doctor. and then later – it will be worse.

Not much different from the above and the Algorithm Behavior is to first try Reiki, and then, if it does not – then go to the doctor.

With this Algorithm, generally it turns out nothing,- the man turns to social medicine and, later, ceases to even try to heal themselves using Reiki.

Here again we encounter the notion of Agreement and difference Contracts.

As we’ve said many times – all Practices are working only within your Contract. And Reiki is another confirmation of this rule.

From the position of the Treaty Esoteric, Reiki is the channel “maintenance” person.

If we consider that the creation of human Consciousness as the Vehicle for its normal functioning developed a network of repair shops and stations maintenance.

Man is a much more complex creation, more complex Consciousness.

But, like any creation – he needs “the service”.

Channel Reiki is a Healing Channel – “automatic diagnostics and correction of human mechanism”.

In order to use the “services” of this Channel, you must set your Mind on the perception of the world from the perspective of Energy, sub-Consciousness, of rational Creatures (Esoteric Agreement).

Our Consciousness and Subconscious are the filter for Energy Information.

If we do not admit the possibility of the existence of Energy-Information of the Universe and the system of Nested Consciousnesses then no Energy of Reiki through us will flow – we will block it completely.

That is what the health Practitioner only within the framework of his Contract. Our Consciousness is included in the Contract allows or does not allow you to proceed to the relevant Energies.

Social approach to Reiki as to some miracle, as “unexplained” but “objective” – reality will not work.

Yes, it is a reality – but it exists in another Treaty.

Like Jesus walking on the water and spontaneous combustion of the Holy Fire is a reality existing in another Contract.

Therefore, the most important thing for mastering the energies of Reiki is not Initiation and does not practice (they, of course, required) – the transition of Consciousness in Esoteric Contract.

In this regard, work with the Reiki Channel does not differ from work with the Planetary Channels of the Tree of the Sefirot.

And everything that we write about the work with the Planetary Channels is extended to Channel Reiki.

Also have a real job, and there are – fantasy.

And the Criterion of Truth is only the result achieved.