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Which is beneficial to grow in a greenhouse – recommendation for beginners
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Treatment of folk remedies vascular “asterisks”

Vascular “spiders”, spider nets, spider veins or telangiectasia is the dilation of blood vessels, local expansion of capillaries and small terminal arteries. They often form on the legs. According to statistics, the problem of vascular pattern is found in more than 90% of adults. Occurs in giperestrogenia (elevated levels of estrogen), pathology of blood vessels. In appearance telangiectasias are divided into glomerular (vascular stars), branched and pautinopodobnoj (“spider veins”). Spider veins appear on the background of chronic venous insufficiency are the symptoms of varicose veins, but they can also be a cause of hormonal imbalance in women in the present or in the past. The main method of treating telangiectasia with the localization on the legs is micro-sclero.

Rosacea is a common winter problem, popularly known as the vascular mesh. Its appearance on the face indicates a lack of elasticity of capillaries located close to the skin. To strengthen the blood vessels using contrast showers only to prevent, and when spider veins have appeared, you should reconsider your habits. Rosacea often provoke the Smoking, alcohol,hot baths and beauty treatments with a thermal effect. You should also adjust the menu, limiting the intake of spicy and hot foods, chocolate, beans, cheese, citrus fruits, pickles and spices. In this case all year round on the table to be products containing vitamins P, K and C, which are responsible for the density and the elasticity of blood vessels. It is desirable that the vitamins were and in the composition of cosmetics. And remember: even too hard towel may cause worsening of rosacea.

You can try to get rid of the telangiectasias (“spider veins” on the skin) folk remedies:

Kalanchoe from veins on legs.

From “mesh” of small blood vessels on the legs helps like this recipe, Take the medicinal leaves of Kalanchoe, rinse them, dry, grind, and fill 0.5 l cans. Fill it with boiled water at room temperature and put on week in a dark place. Periodically shake. After a week the contents are filtered through several layers of cheesecloth. RUB this infusion of the leg from the foot to the knee from the bottom up. Carry out this procedure for 2-3 months daily. Grid of small vessels disappears.

Aloe from the capillary mesh on the face.

Lubricate the skin at night with a piece of aloe, aged a few days in the fridge (previously thoroughly clean your face with an infusion of tea). Then apply your nourishing cream. At first you may experience a slight burning sensation. After 2-3 treatments it will disappear. Repeat the procedure every other day 10-12 times.You can use the juice of freshly cut aloe. For this we need to squeeze from a piece of aloe juice 8-10 drops (no more) and RUB it into the skin.The skin will become bright and beautiful.

Parsley from vascular “stars”.

Take a handful of parsley, fill it with 0,5 cups boiling water, insist 15-20 min. strain and dilute half milk. To do the infusion packs, putting on the face for half an hour. Excessive redness disappears very soon.

Cabbage leaf from the vascular “stars” and “veins”.

When “et” and venous nodes on the feet try the following remedy: Cabbage leaf, previously scalded with boiling water to soften, put in a plastic bag, store in the fridge for a day. On the second day before bed RUB undiluted Apple cider vinegar in the area of “et”. Once the skin is dry, take out of the fridge cabbage leaf and apply it on the affected areas, pribintuyte. In the morning remove the leaf. The procedure was repeated from day to day. To avoid interruptions in treatment, freeze cabbage leaves ahead of time. After the procedure nodes are reduced, there is ease in the legs, and the pain dulled.

Capillary fragility

It is necessary to mix colors of hawthorn 100 g, mistletoe-100 g, fruit Aronia 75 g 2 tbsp collecting herbs in the evening put in a thermos and pour 2 cups of boiling water. In the morning strain and take on 100 g 4 times a day.

The drink from the yeast against vascular “stars” on the face

To strengthen and seal fragile capillaries used the drink from the yeast. Preparing it simply. 2 teaspoons of yeast, pour Cup of hot water or milk, add a tablespoon of sugar, stir and leave for 20-30 minutes. Then drink. Yeast contains easily digestible amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts and enzymes. However, you cannot use live (not dried) yeast, because they can begin indigestion.

Note: In stores you can buy Baker’s yeast. As you search, you can find on sale and more healthy yeast – beer. The bowl is sold in powder form. However, their cost is much higher than usual.

Tools to remove the capillary net

To strengthen the capillaries

Soak the grapefruit peel in water and let sit for half an hour. Then strain and drink instead of water.

To eliminate capillary net

Drink per day three to four times before meals 50-100 ml of fresh potato juice for 10-14 days.

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