Chinese medicine today

Modern pharmacology, Feng Shui, Qigong, acupuncture, acupuncture, herbal medicine – all these are treated in China today.

Modern Chinese medicine today have many causes not just the trust, and admiration, bordering on worship. But, as a rule, this attitude is based on some myths from the past and mysterious, but not proven from the present data. What China’s really like something special treat?

In fact, the situation with medicine in China today were mixed, and traditional medical practices, with government support, are actively exported to the West is very contradictory, and sometimes quack. But that’s not stopping the suffering of getting rid of all sorts of ailments, and often gullible citizens carry their money to the Chinese healers, strongly believing that the Eastern practice is a panacea.

The historical aspect

It should briefly cover at least because of Chinese medicine in its present form at least 50% consists of the ancient practices that are now being actively promoted. And modern Western medicine, with its vaccinations, antibiotikami and achievements of surgery in contrast to scold and say about her, and that she allegedly treats the disease, not the person.

But facts are stubborn things, and they are. When in the late XIX – early XX centuries Europe using the same antibiotique vaccination was able to overcome the plague, cholera, and also to eradicate the other as long unwavering infectious diseases in China is still rampant epidemics and the plagues, vynashivanie hundreds of thousands of people. That is, within a specified period of time Chinese medicine is significantly behind in its development from modern European trends.

Further civil war, war with Japan, the cultural revolution – these social upheavals are not conducive to the preservation of traditions, and especially their further mass transfer to the adepts. Nuggets of some ancient and important knowledge, of course, preserved, but the scale of the huge territories of China and the shocks that were experienced by the country is real remains, and they scattered somewhere in the deep provinces.

Mao Zedong and new values

Years of the reign of Mao Zedong did not contribute to the development and strengthening of traditions – Chinese leader considered the traditional approach in medicine a relic of the past and imposing Western medical model system. For almost totally destroyed Chinese medicine it was good: introduction of a new generation of Chinese doctors with European techniques quickly returned to the industry a national heritage status and for good reason: the mortality rate actually decreased, and many diseases were successfully cured.

The face of medicine today

After the death of Mao Zedong the so-called reaction. From dusty attics retrieves the true values appear by thousands of experts in non-traditional methods of treatment. This knowledge is widely popularized within China and exported abroad.

Of course, it will be unfair to say that traditional Chinese medicine is entirely ignorance and quackery. Rather, its proposed methods of treatment, often based on a certain philosophy, and the movements of energy – that is to say, preventive measures to strengthen their spirit and faith. Often these practices are really effective. Of course it’s because they are based on healthy lifestyles and other values that contribute to the strengthening of the human body.

Medical education

It is worth to say a few words about the specialized education. It also breaks down into two schools: Western and Eastern. In the universities of the Western direction of future doctors are taught all that and in Europe, and the Eastern focus on detailed and thorough study of ancient medical practices, teaching is really high-level professionals.

Choosing one or another UNIVERSITY, the student chooses a lifestyle that is in accordance with his beliefs. However, to become a good doctor, takes time. But the Chinese people are stubborn and persistent, so it is likely that in a few years they are in this business, as in many other really reached the highest peaks.

But it is found, and today wish of Chinese healing practices you need to be careful not to run into a charlatan, who promised that the energy of Qi will cure cancer.

Where are treated the Chinese themselves

It is significant that many Chinese adhere to Pro-Western beliefs will predpochitaut to be treated in Europe (who are wealthy) and in the hospitals of the European type (if in Europe not enough money). Many of these clinics are equipped with medical equipment Made in China and serve the same functions as in Europe or USA.

Part of the population sympathetic to the “people’s” means and methods, but when “things get squirrelly” and needed serious medical intervention, for example, an operation, a prudent Chinese still went to the hospital.

Moreover, almost all Chinese, rich and poorer people, loyal to herbal medicine, massage, breathing and movement exercises, manual therapy. These practices are useful, though not cure serious diseases, are a great prevention and work together to provide health benefits.

Such is the medical eclectic.

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