Is it possible to refer to healers, who read prayers and turn to the icons?

The Church was opposed to the healers of the people. But if the healer reads prayers? As Matrona of Moscow during the life of treated people! Can I turn to healers who treat prayer, if the doctor didn’t help?

Now I just spoke on this topic, and now I will say about that. How to fool people? “I’m a Catholic, I am a believer, my icons, my all, look! Come here!”

Cheat than those wizards and witches? Hung the icons, send a man to take communion or anything, and you understand what occurs? Read, think, pray, and actually is blasphemy. Prayers are recited not for the Lord to heal our soul from passions and granted salvation, but really for another purpose. The words of the prayer are only the pretext. The words, not prayer. Prayer is not, and there are words. They understand that perfectly. They pronounce these words and actually opposed to God. For example, the monk John Cassian the Roman is a striking words to remember: “Many corrupt minds and totally abjure the faith, in the name of God doing great signs and wonders.” What is “the name of the Lord”? That is, they pronounce the name of the Lord, but actually He does not pray. In fact blaspheme. Pronounce the name of the Lord, but actually did not appeal to Him, that is perpetrating the hoax. “Many corrupt minds and totally abjure the faith, in the name of God doing great signs and wonders.” Be afraid of it! No nibble on this bait, this sparkling spinner! Prayer! Icons! Send a confession! When amchitka sending: “Go make confession at first, partake of communion and then come.” And in fact, the Holy Fathers forbid this. The saints did not do this! And here, please do, but still on schedule! “Come on a certain day and hour, and I will expel You from the demon.” Find this Saint, who would You have painted in what day and time to come to exorcise the demon! The monk Sergei in all his life only one healed, and not himself — gathered all the brethren, it isn’t! Anthony the Great had not even left the room, and said, “I am a sinful man, same as you. If you believe that God can heal, go to the temple and pray.” The man believed, went his way, and his daughter was healed. Now what. Lord! The horror! Going, there is so much blasphemy against God, such abuse, such cries, wails, and barking, and then there just no! And heal according to schedule: “In such-and-such day such-and-such a time”! Here’s an example “the Name of the Lord.” Think of the prayers read, and in fact such blasphemy. Please, remember this statement of St. John Roman: “Many corrupt minds (corrupted he — man no longer sees what he’s doing.) and absolutely renounced the faith (what is faith?), in the name of God doing great signs and wonders.” And poor people go without realizing that never, not one Saint in history didn’t do it. Scheduled work wonders! Simply amazing! See how far we’ve come. Even such simple things do not understand, and we go there where there is outright blasphemy! You can’t do that! In the Acts of the apostles it is written, when the seven sons of the high priest came to exorcise the demon, the demon (that is, the man that he was) told them: “Know Christ, and Paul I know but who are you?” and beat them. Here and now is beating, if not physically then spiritual. People who do this, threatens mental, and most importantly. complete spiritual breakdown. And the sad part: infected people around. When Christ expelled the demons from the Gadarene demoniac, he sent them into the herd of pigs. Now in whom will dwell the demons, if you will? Here stands the crowd Agape and eyes. And overlook the poor. This is what happens! So keep in mind about folk healers. There are traditional healers who cure with herbs, some recipes, please. And all sorts of sorcerers and witches, praying and turning to the icons, are committing blasphemy.