Cinnamon – benefits and harms, the healing properties of cinnamon, contraindications

The Ceylon cinnamon tree or Cinnamon tree of the Laurel family, the cinnamon tree of the genus. This evergreen tree or shrub. Its cylindrical branches, leaves opposite, ovate-oblong, acuminate. Flowers are collected in inflorescence panicles, have a greenish color and an unpleasant odor. Fruits – berries, purple in colour with a single seed. The tree grows for two years, then it is cut by the roots and waiting for the formation of new shoots for next year. With the young shoots, the bark is removed, dried and used as spice. Is used the inner layer of this crust, about 0.5 mm, and the outer layer of bark is removed. Sales found cinnamon in the form of sticks or in powder form. Is used as a spice in cooking, or as a means of folk medicine. Manufacturers of cinnamon: Ceylon, China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Sri Lanka. To protect against counterfeiting buy cinnamon only data producers.

The benefits and harms of cinnamon

Composed of cinnamon found many useful items, among which cinnamic aldehyde, eugenol, resin, mucilage, tannins, starch, calcium oxalate. Spicy scent gives cinnamon essential oil, which is about 2% in the bark. From minerals present in the cinnamon calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, including iron, manganese, zinc. It has vitamins b, C, E, PP. The composition includes large amounts of carbohydrates, exceeding the content of irovi proteins, disaccharides and monosaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids.Cinnamon has antipyretic, warming, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, strengthens the immune system, analgesic and antiseptic effect. Harmful to take cinnamon only in the propensity to bleeding, as well as during pregnancy.

Medicinal properties of cinnamon

Thanks to its composition, cinnamon is used to cure many diseases. Cinnamon is used for getting rid of gastrointestinal diseases, particularly ulcers. It reduces the acidity of gastric juice helps in digestion of even heavy meals.Useful bath with cinnamon for the prevention and treatment of colds, it also helps relieve fever. Cinnamon is used along with other spices, such as ginger, cardamom, cloves, for the treatment of flu and colds with a cough. Cinnamon is used to treat kidney, because it has diuretic properties. Extremely useful mixture of ground cinnamon with honey. This means it is possible to cure many diseases. Use it to treat inflammations of the bladder, gastric ulcer, for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks. Ground cinnamon with honey is also used to treat cough, nasal congestion, sore throat. Along with a mixture of used tea with cinnamon and honey, which is also very useful for health. It is useful in arthritis – reduces pain during movement. It is used to reduce cholesterol and sugar level in diabetes, the concentration and improve the immune system and on cancer. Honey cinnamon treat wounds and skin infections, cleanse the body of microbes and parasites. This mixture relieves acne and other skin eruptions, bad breath, tooth pain, itching from insect bites. Cinnamon is used for hair treatment and strengthening. Olive oil, honey and cinnamon to make a mask, apply for 15 minutes on the hair roots and rinse with water. The effect is simply stunning! Cinnamon enters into the composition of body wraps, body scrubs and face creams. Cinnamon is widely used for weight loss. Fat accumulation occurs because of high blood sugar. Cinnamon accelerates the metabolic processes, reduces the feeling of hunger. Slimming used this drink: a glass of kefir add half to one teaspoon of ground cinnamon and ginger, a pinch of red pepper, stir and drink. This drink helps get rid of extra pounds. There is another option: regularly drinking tea with honey and cinnamon, the ratio should be 2:1, it is better to drink before bedtime. In addition, for weight loss useful to add cinnamon to any dish – it will not spoil the taste of food, but will help the digestion and metabolic processes of the body that will have a positive effect on your figure!

Contraindications to the use of cinnamon

It is forbidden to eat cinnamon during pregnancy as it promotes uterine contractions that can cause miscarriage. It is not recommended to use cinnamon in all the bleeding and increased pressure. If you have individual intolerance – you should also refrain from its use. You should eat a moderate amount when light nervous excitability. In other cases, when normalized use, cinnamon is absolutely safe and useful!