Alternative medicine – the main competitor of traditional

For many centuries, alternative medicine, or as it is called – alternative, Chagall in one leg with traditional medicine use, almost from her, not behind, and in some aspects even ahead. All this thanks to the accumulated knowledge that thousands of years were found and were used by our ancestors to treat various ailments, and their prevention.

Types of alternative medicine, nowadays, there are so many that is not enough to list them all and to consider, so discuss the most interesting and popular.

Homeopathy, or the treatment of such

Homeopathy is one of the most interesting and unusual non-traditional methods of treatment, which is grounded, a profound impact on the cause of the disease, gradually bringing it from the body.

This method of treatment almost two centuries ago as a result of experiments conducted on himself, a famous German physician and is based on the fact that like can cure like, in other words from what a person is ill, and needs to be treated, but in a strictly prescribed doses.

The basic approach in homeopathy is that the doctor has to examine not only human organs but also his state of mind and of course the cause of the disease, which is the mainstay of treatment. The aim of this approach is to include all protective forces of an organism and to direct them against disease.

Phytotherapy or herbal medicine

Probably, each of us is familiar with the concept of herbal medicine that involves treatment of various herbs that are beneficial to the human body. Speaking of herbal medicine, it is safe to say that this unconventional method of treatment or strengthening of the body, is almost everyone, especially in recent times this trend has become quite fashionable and advertised.

For the treatment using herbal medicine, people helps your body to get stronger and to recover after prolonged illness, prevent many diseases and even cure already existing, if they are not in advanced. Here the main thing not to abuse and to remember that herb is a medicine and not to deny the traditional treatment, without which in some situations just will not do.

Aromatherapy or how health is affected by the smells

Aromatherapy is an ancient science, which was used by our ancestors to strengthen and restore the body; and as if it is not treated, it is, in fact, deserves recognition and attention from the side of humanity.

It is known that by using different smells can affect our body and its physical, emotional and even mental state. Most interesting is that this science treats man, not one by one, dividing it into parts, but as a whole, and therefore treatment is directed and the body, and the soul that yields positive results. By applying the methods of aromatherapy, a person can restore health, strengthen the immune system, improve emotional state and memory, and also to prevent the emergence of new diseases.

Naturotherapy or merging with nature

Speaking about this unconventional method of treatment, you can delve into the needs of our body, which is, rather, a clever mechanism and knows what to heal, if it is okay to listen. To help the human body cope with the problems – is the main principle naturotherapy, which was voiced by Hippocrates and his followers. Of course, without assistants can not do, which act as natural medicines, animal and mineral origin.

Nature itself comes to the person when he needs help, and helps to cope with illness through a variety of methods, tools and knowledge, generously given to us by a previous generation. Treatment sound, metalotherapy, the treatment of color and hunger, treatment with minerals and homeopathy, manual therapy, treatment diets and many other famous and not so non-traditional methods of disease control, who managed to gain recognition and love.

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