Reflexology – what is it?

Reflexology – is a collective image, which includes the impact of needles, electrical current, laser beam; cauterization, massage, application of various medicines, bloodletting, etc. – on the biologically active points (BAP, dot), located on the body and in the human body.

The history of this method goes back centuries. The opening of various biologically active points can be represented in this way. The ancient people cultivated the land of the stone hoe. While he has a bad headache. Monitoring of the hoe has been lost, as a result of a man accidentally hits a hoe in the leg. Hurt. very painful! But suddenly he notices that his head has stopped hurting.

So empirically and were discovered biologically active points. Chinese medicine has assigned this discovery, but it is possible and to argue. Archaeologists find bone and stone needles in ancient strata around the world. The first written mention of the treatment of the eagle, a clay tablet found during excavations in Egypt. In ancient times, needles were treated in Vietnam, Korea, India, Russia, America. Unfortunately, in these countries the science of acupuncture practically did not develop and was forgotten.

But in China continued to grow. Was created by a harmonious system of treatment using BAT, it was called Zhen-JIU therapy(literally: Zhen – an injection needle, Tszyu – burning). Everyone tried to contribute to the development of this science. This should include the feature of the transmission of knowledge in ancient China. From teacher – pupil and nowhere else. In this regard, knowledge is encrypted, so others couldn’t understand. Currently there are many different schools systems. This is sometimes used by various charlatans.

In Russia reports of acupuncture appeared in 1828, and the first attempts at treatment were made in 1901. later in Russia were years of prosperity and years of neglect of reflexology. Currently, the profession of the reflexologist appeared in the list of medical specialties.

So how does reflexology acts on the human body? The fact is that all organs and systems in the human body is interconnected. All organ systems interact with each other through energy channels, the violation of any one element immediately affects the body. At infringement of function of one organ is disturbed the movement of energy (roughly speaking, produces the energy tube), which adversely affects the functions of other organs. Therefore, treatment of one organ without correction of the activity of the other impossible. The impact on the BAT just gives you the opportunity to restore the proper flow of energy, resulting in a healthier entire body.

But then works the professionalism of the doctor. There are very many problems. Despite the fact that a large number of books, manuals, they are all guilty of inaccuracy and sometimes something worse. “I know where this point is, I want to know where she’s at, pay me”. I once conducted this experiment. Senior students of the medical school were given various books, manuals – asked them, after reading this literature, to find a particular point and to show her body. Alas – no one correctly could not do it.

Another feature: you never know where the point and under what conditions it applies. It is important to make a recipe that is a combination of points. And the combination at one and the same disease in different people will be different. This ability comes with experience.

The main feature of this method is that the treatment is performed without saturation of the body clean of chemicals, overdose or prolonged use of which ruin the internal organs, causing allergic reactions and often lead to the emergence of so-called “drug disease”, which sometimes is almost not treated.

Unlike the narrow focus of modern medicine, where a specialist examines only one organ or system (remember the A. I. Raikin – “and the topic is interesting, there is something in the nose”), reflexologist examines the whole body. Takes into account all the complex interactions of organs and systems. So an experienced reflexologist is good diagnosticians.

On indications and contraindications to reflexology read my other article.

In conclusion, I want to note that reflexology does not oppose drug therapies and modern diagnostics. An experienced doctor will always find a worthy place all the achievements of modern science.