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Eco-tour to Lima The cost of the tour. 1750 duration of the tour. 10 days / 9 nights Languages: Spanish, English, Russian Mystical healing Wellness tour to the shamans, the…

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Safest ways to clean the blood
In the spring most people spoiled skin. Out of the blue occur pimples and acne, aggravated psoriasis, furunculosis, dermatitis and seborrhea. There are a lot of reasons for this: vitamin…

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Safest ways to clean the blood

In the spring most people spoiled skin. Out of the blue occur pimples and acne, aggravated psoriasis, furunculosis, dermatitis and seborrhea. There are a lot of reasons for this: vitamin deficiency, hormonal surge from the first, warm rays of the sun, the slagging of the body winter food, which is primarily fatty, and sweet mayonnaise.

What to do?

Cleaned blood the safest ways.

1.Lemon-honey drink . about which I wrote in the blog, cleanses the whole body: blood, lymph, gastrointestinal tract and skin. Boosts the immune system much better than any of Echinacea.

Recipe: a glass of mineral water (you can use plain, slightly warmed), a spoon of honey and the juice of 1 lemon. To prevent need to drink it once daily in the morning. If you want to be cleansed of capital, you can drink a liter a day, but not for long.

2. One of the most powerful herbal blood cleaners Bedstraw . It helps even when running forms abrasions, although the disease is difficult to treat. For acne especially.

Recipe: 2-3 tablespoons of herbs it is necessary to insist 1-2 hours in a pint of boiling water, drink 3-5 times a day before meals.

3. Burdock root as a tincture take also mainly due to the rashes on the skin. Still it is a good antitumor grass, and to prevent cancer it is used all over the world. Especially useful burdock root collected in may – the maximum amount of nutrients. At the pharmacy same you can run into grass and collected more than a year ago, managed to lose a part of useful properties.

Recipe: 3 tablespoons of root brew 2 cups of boiling water and drink 3-4 times a day before meals, with honey.

4. The roots and leaves of nettle . in which more than a hundred nutrients, women should drink at the waning moon 2 weeks. Don’t have nettle increases blood clotting. The rule with the waning moon try to observe and other cleansing procedures, even cosmetic – then the result will be much better.

Recipe: 4 tablespoons of nettle pour 2 cups boiling water, start to drink as soon as cool down — 3-4 times a day.

5 . If our country has decided upon any occasion to drink a chamomile, in Europe and the USA the most popular cleansing herb – dandelion . In all skin diseases for them tea from dandelion roots is almost a panacea. To find a beautiful and clean skin dandelion promises a month of admission. Special note on this recipe I want to draw people suffering from eczema and acne!

Recipe: 1 tbsp. spoon crushed roots pour 1 Cup hot water, boil 15 minutes, filter, drink 1/2 glass 3 times a day 15 minutes before meals. Can be brewed as in the previous recipes.

6. Grass vervain medicinal as a tincture taken orally as a blood-purifying agent for skin rashes, acne and boils. In some countries, verbena is drunk as a tea, but do not remember which her variety.

R ecept: Infusion 1 tablespoon of herbs insist hour in a glass of boiled water and take 1-2 tbsp. spoons of infusion 3-5 times daily before meals.

7. Wonderful grass with beautiful bird’s name meadowsweet also cleans the blood. Unlike nettles, it is the blood, on the contrary, dilutes, bringing all the accumulated badness. Note people who suffer from migraines: a glass of infusion of meadowsweet for half an hour can prevent headaches.

The recipe : they say that the right is the meadow-sweet brew with cold water by 1 tsp. roots to 1 Cup, let stand a day, then wait 15 minutes before eating.

8. About cranberries I already wrote here. and how you need to buy. And now I want to say that for blood purification cranberry is also important, because it affects the kidney is the main filter of the human body, through which daily passes through two hundred liters of blood.

Recipe . cranberry juice in each family is different, but usually pour a glass of crushed cranberries liter of hot water, sugar to taste.

9. A wonderful collection can be done, if you take equal parts of Echinacea, burdock root, peppermint, nettle and clover. Not only cleans the blood but also improves the gastro-intestinal tract, boosts immunity and improves complexion.

Recipe: boil 1 tablespoon of the collection Cup boiling water and drink 3 times a day before meals a month.

10. And again about sucking oil. This method is mainly aimed and cleansing the liver and blood.

Recipe: the morning mouth any oil and suck it for 10-15 minutes, in any case not swallow, and after that do not forget to brush your teeth.

All of my recipes, as always, tried and tested by me personally, a safe and easy unmatchable.

But contraindications of herbal medicine still do not forget.

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