Sorcery and spiritual healing

By its very nature, sorcery and spiritual healing – concepts absolutely different. For example, in the lexicon of nineteenth-century medicine man meant a man “knows”, that is appropriate. Only later, in the early XX century, in the minds of men the figure of the sorcerer has become associated with something else. This can either be a clinical herbalist or a chiropractor, and in some cases people that use prayers or spells.

However, the spiritual healer is quite different. Certainly it can use traditional means, and used in sorcery. But for the spiritual healer is not enough. This is primarily an analyst and, of course, the psychologist, as a rule, received their knowledge not at the Institute.

Many of the Holy elders, known in the Orthodox religion, were spiritual healers. It is as a result of their actions, the authority of the Orthodox prayer still stands so high. However, the saints could not and did not dare to go beyond the Orthodox traditions. But as you know, the form does not always match the content. And although the saints were a particular way of life according to prescribed rules, to achieve tangible results in the healing of this little. Inevitably there were specific States of mind and how to create them in the right moment. Such methods are usually called “old secrets.” They have preserved very little information — its secrets the dead are, as a rule, were carried away.Therefore, about the nature of such mysteries we can only guess. Modern healers also use prayers and spells. What is it?

This is, without doubt, conversation. But with whom or what? Gustav Jung would call the spell a conversation with the unconscious, which he defines as a kind of substance that is taking place in the depths of the human mind, is practically not controlled by consciousness and uniting all humanity into a single whole. However, this substance often penetrates into human consciousness, speaking to us in its own language — the language of symbols. One of their manifestations are our dreams, and occasional waking visions. The spells of a conversation with the unconscious maintained in an encrypted language, the symbolic. This communication is not with personality, but with a certain substance, creating what is called fate. If following the approval of Jesus Christ, that every fate is from God, then perhaps the conversation with destiny is fellowship with God.

The saints of former times who performed miracles, often had the gift of prophecy. They saw much more than given to the average person. It is possible (and even very likely) that they saw and the character destiny from the unconscious. Making known to them the impact on these characters, they achieved such impressive results in healing.

Spiritual healing has always existed, and not only in Christian countries. The language of symbols more understandable to the people of the stone age, it was almost like their native language. The art of making spells originates in those far times. Close to nature, primitive people knew and understood the mysteries of the characters, and sometimes was their own. And we got it in the inheritance from the days when secret was formed, now forgotten, but nonetheless a very effective structure.

The PA date is the most developed among direct heirs of ancient cultures — for example, the Indian yogi. It is known that a true yogi never asks the patients about the disease — he identifies with them at first sight. One of the signs that allows you to understand what the person is actually practicing spiritual healing, is that he is able to realize what is troubling the middle.

The art of spiritual healing is one of the oldest in the world. It was never about only the reading of prayers and spells, this aspect is only a reflection of Christian traditions. But the tradition is just a drop in the ocean of different systems and principles, sometimes inexplicable from the point of view of human logic. And ultimately, there really has to allow for the possibility of intervention of Higher powers.

But next to God a difficult task — to help people, in rebellion against reason and common sense. In this revolt — the uprising of our ambitions, the desire for personal greatness, the demonization of the spiritual qualities of other people, leading to worsening relations. Almost always these problems are instigated by someone or something. Often the reasons are much simpler than believe those whom they concern. However, we, as a rule, are too smart to pay attention to these simple solutions.

The role of the healer is to neutralize the occult causes of things, and on the other hand — just to help the person to understand himself. Here begins the difficulty, because the healer must himself “go” in his patient. And this is definitely the mastery of specific conditions, which in medicine is called with the word “TRANS”.