Capulin: description, useful properties and contraindications
Capulin (lat. Prunus salicifolia) is a small deciduous tree of the Plum kind, belonging to the family Rosaceae. Height reaches 15 meters. Distribution capulina Native plants considered to be Guatemala…

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The use of medicinal plants
Medicinal plants since ancient times served the purposes of practical medicine. Primitive man was looking around him in the means of plants against many diseases. The use of medicinal plants…

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The right to engage in national medicine (healing)

The national medicine is healing methods, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, based on the experience of generations of people, entrenched in national traditions and not registered in the order established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The right on occupation by traditional medicine have citizens of the Russian Federation, diploma of the healer, given out by bodies of Executive power of subjects of the Russian Federation in the field of health. The decision to grant such diploma is accepted on the basis of an application of a citizen and representation of professional medical Association or a statement of a citizen and a joint submission by professional medical associations and institutions having the license for medical activity.

The diploma of the healer grants the right to engage in folk medicine in the territory under the jurisdiction of the health authority that issued the diploma. Use methods of traditional medicine in health care institutions of state or municipal health care system by the decision of the heads of these institutions. Conducting mass healing sessions, including using the media, is prohibited. Deprivation of the diploma of the healer is made by the decision of the health authority issuing the diploma of the healer, and can be appealed in court. Illegal occupation by traditional medicine (healing) involves administrative responsibility,and in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, criminal liability.

Responsibility for causing harm to human health

In cases of harm to health of citizens guilty are obliged to compensate the victim damages in the amount and manner established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Money spent on the provision of medical assistance to citizens who have been victims of illegal actions, shall be paid by enterprises, institutions and organizations responsible for the harm caused to health of citizens is in favor of the institutions of the state or municipal system of health care, incurred costs, either in favor of the private institutions of the health system, if the treatment were conducted in a private health care system. The persons who jointly caused harm to health of citizens, are jointly and severally liable for damages.

In the case of harm to human health minor reparation is carried out by their parents or persons in Loco parentis, and in the case of harm to human health of persons recognized in the manner prescribed by law incapable, damages are provided for by the state in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The indemnification does not release medical and pharmaceutical workers from their attraction to disciplinary, administrative or criminal responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the legislation of subjects of the Russian Federation. Actions of state bodies and officials infringing upon the rights and freedoms of citizens in the field of health can be appealed to a higher state bodies, higher officials or in court in accordance with applicable law.

Control questions

1. What is public health?

2. Give a General description of the “Fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation about health protection of citizens”.

3. What are the basic principles of health protection of citizens.

4. What is the authority of the Federal bodies of state power and bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation in the field of occupational health?

5. What is the responsibility of local authorities in health issues of the citizens?

6. That relates to the public health system?

7. Give a description of municipal and private health systems?

8. What are the basic rights of citizens in the field of occupational health.

9. What rights do citizens of the Russian Federation in the field of family planning?

10. What are my rights as pregnant women and women with infants after birth?

11. What rights do minors in the field of occupational health?

12. List the rights of military personnel to receive medical care.

13. List the basic rights of the patient.

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