Growing medicinal plants from seed

Some medicinal plants can be grown from seed. There are, of course, the secrets of growing these plants on the plot or the apartment, the secrets of germination. Some of them will need to grow from seeds to seedlings, and some may be sown directly into the ground. Some medicinal plants are very picky about soil and even surrounding plants, so you should consider the place and time of landing and even the way this plant is able to decorate the plot, because many herbs look very nice and will harmoniously fit into any landscape design of a garden site.

And now, some of those medicinal plants that you should plant the seedlings at home before be planted in the ground. If you have a very small number of seeds of rare plants such as red root. and want to keep them, it is much more likely not to lose these seeds, if you sow them in a flower pot on the seedlings. Likely to protect the tender shoots in the home in early spring are much higher than in the soil.

Also recommended early to sow the seeds for seedlings of southern plants, if they are still planted on the site: sulfamethazine. Rue in this case will be more Mature by the beginning of winter, which will increase the likelihood of their survival in the next season and a safe winter. Because you can sow them directly into the soil in may and the seedlings in January or February.

Plants with very small seeds, such as oregano or thyme, are also advised to sow the seedlings at home, with mixed seeds mixed with sand when planting that allows them to distribute evenly over the soil surface and to achieve not only a more even germination, but also saving seeds.

Composition of substrate for seedlings of medicinal plants you can pick your own by combining different proportions of peat, sand, turf and leaf earth, although you can just buy ready ground for seedlings of vegetable crops – peppers or tomatoes.

Depth of seal of seeds of medicinal plants depends on the size of the seeds: the larger the seeds, the deeper they can to sow. Small seeds, such as lemon balm or thyme, you can just sprinkle on the soil surface and cover the pot top with glass until germination, daily airing it.

The period of sowing seeds of medicinal plants depends on how long a plant grows. The longest germinated and caring for seedlings of Rhodiola rosea: its seeds are sown before the new year or in early January, besides they have to be treated with growth stimulants, so it is difficult to grow them at home. Seeds sage, lofanta, lemon balm, Catnip, monarda, lavender and Arnica are sown in early April or a little earlier, and centaury – a month earlier, at the end of February.

The majority of medicinal plants does not need to swordplay, or rather did not tolerate her, so the pot is to sow just a few seeds, and then planted in the ground with all the lump of land that was in the pot, so as not to damage the roots. If plants come up too much, then choose one-two most strong, some time after germination, and the rest are removed.

To plant seedlings in the ground is not earlier than the seedlings of vegetables in Central Russia in late may – early June, avoiding frosts and protect tender shoots so that they are not dead. Special attention should be paid to southern plants that are particularly sensitive to night frost.

If the ground and all the external factors suitable for the plant, it will grow steadily on the plot after planting in the ground, to flower, to produce seeds and to grow. Very demanding to the ground and surrounded by upland uterus, Wintergreen, blueberry, lingonberry, and Wintergreen, as they for the growth and mycorrhiza development is required, but under certain conditions and they can be grown on the site. Unfortunately, it is not always immediately possible to find a good place for each healing plant on the site, but it’s worth trying different options, and then success is waiting for you.