The use of medicinal plants
Medicinal plants since ancient times served the purposes of practical medicine. Primitive man was looking around him in the means of plants against many diseases. The use of medicinal plants…

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Ayahuasca mystic tour to healers, shamans, Peru + Machu Picchu
Eco-tour to Lima The cost of the tour. 1750 duration of the tour. 10 days / 9 nights Languages: Spanish, English, Russian Mystical healing Wellness tour to the shamans, the…

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Physical therapy in Moscow

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic and preventive direction in medicine are used for a long time and has proved itself from the best side, because the treatment process is important not only result, but also safety. Many doctors prescribe physical therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment for various diseases.

Methods of physiotherapy based on the effects of different factors: heat, cold, magnetic and electric fields, ultrasound, various radiations, mud, water, etc. Physiotherapy awaken the inner reserves of the body, enhance immunity, reduce the period of recovery, and are an excellent prevention of various diseases.

The indication for physiotherapy

Readings can be very different, many diseases treated with success using this method. The reason for the appointment can be diseases of the heart and blood vessels, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, urogenital system, various inflammatory processes.

Physical therapy in the clinic “Wasted”

Physical therapy in Moscow conducted in the Department of “Rehabilitation medicine”, CAO. In our medical center successfully applied methods

The price of physiotherapy depends on what equipment it is performed, the specific conditions of medicinecodeine. Average prices are between 300 and 500 rubles for the procedure.

In the appointment procedures should take into account many factors. The correct choice of procedure, which is the most suitable in each case can play a crucial role.

For example, physiotherapy in gynecology should be appointed taking into account the patient’s age, specifics of her menstrual cycle. Important for the purpose of procedures and hormones. In some cases, even should conduct hormonal analysis of blood, before appointing a particular physiotherapy procedure. In case of gynecological problems should take into account that ultrasound and electrophoresis with copper and sulfur stimulate the production of estrogen and electrophoresis with iodine and magnetotherapy, on the contrary, hinder it.

Physiotherapy in orthopedics and traumatology

In this field of medicine are widely used various methods of physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy in osteochondrosis is good because it acts directly on the lesion and does not affect other organs and tissues. Improvement of microcirculation, relieve inflammation, reduce swelling, relax tense muscles — all this can be achieved through physiotherapy. Electrophoresis, magnetic, ultrasonic effects are applied most frequently in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

Physiotherapy in osteoarthritis allows you to pause the process of destruction of the joint. Physical therapy for fractures of the extremities reduces the formation of callus and the period of rehabilitation, helps to quickly restore the active movement of the injured extremity. This is especially true when the knee injury that is very common. Physiotherapy of the knee joint significantly accelerates the return of patient to normal life and facilitates rehabilitation.

The therapeutic effect is achieved by improving blood circulation, increasing the body’s sensitivity to medicines, the direct effects of drugs (e.g., electrophoresis with drugs, performed on the affected section of the spine that delivers medication directly to the destination).

Despite the safety of treatment, physical therapy has contraindications. Among them:

mental disabilities;


individual intolerance;


the acute phase of certain diseases;


systemic blood diseases;

cardiovascular and endocrine diseases in the decompensation stage.