Sea buckthorn benefits and harms.
Use of sea buckthorn have been known since ancient times in Ancient Greece, its leaves and young twigs were used to treat soldiers and horses. But then it gradually forgotten.…

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Traditional healers - the WAY to YOURSELF
T. E. Shoikova Age-63 years. Lives in: S. Bolshetroitsky Belgorod region Shebekino district. I met with Tatiana Chuikova unexpectedly. Namely, as soon as I began working more closely study and…

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Psychic healing

Sometimes in some cases medicine is powerless. This applies to severe diseases or diseases of unknown origin, as well as situations, when a person rejects medicine, for example in alcoholic or narcotic dependence. Relatives of affected people are ready to do anything to get rid of the illness of a loved one and looking for help in all directions. Often they find her psychics. Let’s talk about psychic healing.

Of course, in today’s world people are skeptical about psychics, and they’re entitled to it. Because in our country there are many people engaged in psychic healing, without any skills, just making profit on human misery. However, still not worth it to write off from the accounts of extrasensory healing. There are people – professionals who can help where medicine gives up.

Let’s see, what is psychic healing? Assistance, treatment of health problems, as well as many psychological problems and not only – here is the main area of psychic healing. The fact that all of our ills originate in our head. This is especially true alcohol and drug dependency. Then from our consciousness derive the physical condition of the disease. Professionals who are extrasensorial, by using certain manipulations, hypnosis, enter the unconscious man and save him from the disease.

Psychic healing does not have a precise scientific basis, but to deny psychic abilities so stupid as to put in doubt the same inexplicable man as a genius. Do not forget that medicine many centuries ago, had no scientific basis. Therefore, psychic healing can be attributed to alternative medicine. Perhaps soon there will be scientific explanation of this type of healing and its foundations will be applied in the treatment of many diseases. Because all I’ve heard about chiropractic, although its origins this form of therapy takes the healers, bone-setters.

The main goal of psychic healing is knowledge of the karma of the person. Determining the reason for the illness or condition occurred. Only knowing the past to understand the present. Therefore the task of the psychic is to identify the reasons that led to this or that disease. For example, the cause of enuresis in adults may be due to psychological childhood trauma. This can be a strong fear or a bad dream. That’s just to get into the subconscious and find what causes an adult to hurt this unpleasant disease is possible only through extrasensory healing through hypnosis. The same associated with infertility. Sometimes doctors cannot find the reason why the couple does not have children. It seems both husband and wife are healthy and able to conceive. But there have been a fair amount of time, but pregnancy does not occur. Naturally, a woman’s instinct is so strong that the woman is ready to do any manipulation to conceive a child. She turns to the wise woman, drinking some herbs, performs a strange procedure, and doctors continue to shrug. Perhaps the cause of infertility lies deep in the subconscious of the woman, and she does not even know. Here come to the aid of extrasensory healing and psychology.

An important factor in psychic healing is faith. You must believe in the successful outcome of the disease, to prevent the slightest hesitation. You must believe in the power of the healer, then the treatment will go much more fruitful. No wonder they say that faith can heal the wounds.

Before turning to the healer, try to learn about his methods, his clients and the results. Do not believe the words of the healer, a liar never admits that he was lying to you. Don’t go in a strange basement, covered with “magic attributes”. The fact is that an illiterate psychic can cause irreparable damage to your health. Trust better professionals who will help you understand your problem, identify the possible cause of its occurrence and to offer a choice of ways of treatment.

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