Alternative medicine – the main competitor of traditional
For many centuries, alternative medicine, or as it is called – alternative, Chagall in one leg with traditional medicine use, almost from her, not behind, and in some aspects even…

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Recipes of traditional medicine the Use of medicinal herbs in diabetes mellitus.
Good day! Today we have a continuation of that started last themes. This time we will focus on the treatment of diabetes, therefore with the help of herbs. I highly…

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Ayahuasca mystic tour to healers, shamans, Peru + Machu Picchu

Eco-tour to Lima

The cost of the tour. 1750 duration of the tour. 10 days / 9 nights Languages: Spanish, English, Russian

Mystical healing Wellness tour to the shamans, the curanderos of Peru, which includes Machu Picchu Program.

Day 1: Arrival to Lima. Meeting at the airport. Transfer and accommodation in hotel. Meeting with the guide. Communication and discussion of plans. City tour in Lima, we begin with a tour of the Miraflores district. visit the Park of love. panoramic of the Huaca Pucllana, Olive Park, Huaca Anasarca. Old colonial estates, we continue the tour along istoricheskomu the center of the city – visit the Cathedral of San Francisco, the Central Square, Plaza Bolivar. Time for Lunch in one of the popular seaside restaurants in Lima. After lunch visit one of the best museums in Lima – “the Gold Museum”, which contains priceless treasures of the Inca and pre-Inca eras and magnificent collection of weapons. Our tour ends in the Park of the famous fountains of Lima, which entered the book of Guinness. Return and Accommodation in hotel.

Day 2: early morning flight to Cuzco. Arriving in a beautiful mountain city in South America. Meet and transfer to hotel. Sightseeing bus tour around Cusco. A visit to the architectural complexes: the Fortress Sacsayhuaman, the temple of Kenko, fortress of Puka-pukara and the water temple and Dress.The visit to the Museum of Koricancha (the Sun Temple) Back to hotel. Optional, optional folklore dinner with traditional dishes in one of the best restaurants in Cusco

Day 3: Morning 2-hour ride on horseback through the sacred valley, with visits to nearby monuments and ancient ruins. The evening departure in one of our mountain log-campamento for the ceremony of Ayahuasca and San Pedro (Wachuma). Familiarity with the shaman-curandero. Conversation and preparation for the ceremony. Night – the first ceremony will present itself as a cleansing, Vacume, through the use of ancient magical cactus San Pedro (one from the magical cactus “force” described by Carlos Castaneda in his novels).

Day 4: Breakfast. yoga, meditation, reflection completed the ceremony. Rest. Day-sightseeing in the town of Pisac. City Bazaar and buy Souvenirs. Return to campamento. The relaxation and meditation. Tour in Lima. Dinner and sleep.

Day 5: Breakfast. Rest, relaxation and meditation. Night — the Second ceremony of Ayahuasca.

Day 6: Breakfast. Understanding traversed the ceremony. Rest. (possibly a mountain excursion, a walk through an interesting mystical sacred places of power). The relaxation and meditation. Sleep.

Day 7: Breakfast. Rest, relaxation and meditation. Night — Third shamanic ceremony. Ayawaska Ceremony.

Day 8: Breakfast. Understanding traversed the ceremony. Discussion and exchange of experiences. Departure to the city of Ollaytaytambo. Explore the ruins of the Inca. Lunch in the restaurant. A visit to the town aguacaliente the evening train. Accommodation and overnight in hotel Aguacaliente.

Day 9: the Earlier outrow, exit and climb on the bus to the Lost City of the Incas — Machu Picchu, considered the most powerful energy center of South America (Machu Picchu was discovered by American historian Hiram Bingaman in 1911). Tour with a guide. In the afternoon, descent to Aguas calientes. Lunch at the restaurant of national cuisine. Then, return by train to Cusco. Evening arrival in Cuzco, meeting and transfer to hotel. Rest.

Day 10: Departure to Lima. Accommodation at the hotel. Visit the gift shops at will. Perhaps visiting the zoo (all depends on time and day of the week). Tour with Russian speaking guide in Lima. Rest.

Night or early morning departures to Europe (Moscow) the price includes: -shamanic ceremony; -flights Lima-Cuzco-Lima; -meeting and seeing off at the airports; -all transfers and transportation; -accommodation in ** and *** hotels; -Breakfast diet mountain campamento during the ceremonies; -entrance fees to all visited monuments; services of English-speaking guide: during the shamanic ceremonies, tour in Cuzco, visit all the monuments including Machu Picchu;

The price does not include:

-transcontinental flight Moscow-Lima-Moscow;

-meals (except for days during the ceremonies);

-other personal expenses;

*** NOTE. There are slight changes and additions to the program.