Traditional recipes of masks strawberry

Nowadays the choice of face masks very large. Each of the masks has an effect on the skin — relieves dryness, removes Shine, cleans pores.

The mask of strawberries enriches the skin with b vitamins and Vit. C, and various minerals. Strawberry in the preparation of masks in and of itself, and in composition with other ingredients suitable for any skin type. A large number of masks from strawberries, you can prepare at home. If not in stock strawberry, you can replace it with strawberries.

* * * * Mask for normal facial skin — you must take: one egg yolk, one tbsp of fresh juice of strawberries, all the ingredients mix well. The mixture evenly apply to the skin. Applied mask is stored for 15 minutes on the face, after which you must remove with warm water.

While mixing one egg yolk and one tbsp of juice with one tbsp of any vegetable oil obtained mask is well suited with scaly skin.

* * * * Mask for dry and aging skin — We need to take: 2 tablespoons of fresh strawberry pulp, 1 tablespoon of any baby cream. Stir add 1 tsp of honey, apply on face, wait 10 minutes. Remove the mask with a cotton swab ,and the remnants rinse with warm water.

* * * * Mask for withering skin — Neobhodimosti and mix well: 1 tbsp honey with 2 tbsp of fresh strawberry pulp and add 1 tbsp of milk. Apply this mask for 10 minutes and then washed off with warm water.

* * * * Face mask for inflamed skin — In inflammatory processes on dry skin face will fit the following recipe: the mask part — 2 tbsp strawberries, mixed well with 1 tbsp of cheese. The resulting mass is evenly applied to the skin of the face. Keep 15 minutes, then remove the mask from the face with a cotton swab, and the remnants rinse with warm water.

* * * * Mask recipe for combination skin. ¼ Cup freshly squeezed juice from the strawberries mixed with ¼ Cup milk and a pinch of salt. In the received structure add 1 tbsp of vodka. The resulting lotion can be used daily.

* * * * Mask for all skin types In hot weather suitable simple tool: you need to take strawberries or strawberry squeeze the juice from them. Juice pour into molds and freeze. After the ice is frozen to wipe the ice cubes face. This cosmetic ice perfectly tones and refreshes the skin.

* * * * Mask for oily skin — if you have problematic, oily or porous skin will fit the following recipes of masks: oily skin face mask is necessary to take: half tbsp of white clay and add the freshly squeezed strawberry juice and stir to produce a homogeneous mixture. The mask should be washed off after 15 minutes, cool water. Mask with the addition of white clay as well cleanse the skin.

* * * * Mask for porous oily skin — the mask includes: a Quarter Cup of infusion of Kombucha that you want to pour the strawberry pulp and leave for insisting for 3 h. At the end of the infusion need to strain. The strawberry pulp after straining to use on the skin for no more than 30 minutes after the match time to remove the remnants of cotton pad soaked in the infusion remaining. Mask on the basis of Kombucha and strawberry pulp has antibacterial properties, relieves irritation and oily Shine.

* * * * Applying strawberry juice mixed with juice from leaves of aloe, we get great remedy to get rid of pimples. As against acne will help skin wipes strawberry juice twice a day.

* * * * Mask for problematic skin — For the mask, you must do the following: take 2 tbsp of the strawberries and pour them with boiling water, wrap and let stand for 3 hours. Strain the decoction it is necessary to add soap solution from the foam. Just need to apply the pulp of strawberries (which was left after straining the broth) for 10 min. After the expiration of the time mask is necessary to remove from the face using a cotton swab soaked in tonic obtained. Then the wash water, but not cold, and room temperature.

* * * * For problem oily skin at home it is possible to prepare not only the masks and scrubs and lotions.

* * * * The strawberry scrub perfectly cleans the skin from oily sheen and removes dead cells of the face. In the scrub includes: a quarter Cup of yogurt, carefully stir in the pinch of salt. After stirring the salt in the yogurt you need to take the strawberries and each take turns to dip in the yogurt, put the berries on a person need them rubbing in circular movements. After performing this procedure, the scrub of strawberry to remain on the face for 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water. The action of this scrub helps against acne.

* * * * Strawberry lotion — Lotion can be used to whitening skin. For its preparation should take a quarter glass of fresh strawberry juice mix with a quarter Cup of cucumber juice and 100 gr. dry white wines. Mix all ingredients in a glass container and leave to infuse for 1 day, then the lotion will be ready. The lotion should be used at least 2 times per day.

* * * * Mask to lighten freckles — Lots of ways through which you can make freckles less visible, one of them:

You need to take a few ripe strawberries, having ground them, the mass is evenly applied to 15-20 min face to face. After you remove the cotton swab.

You can also use a lemon and strawberry juice to wipe the skin, on which there are freckles.