Medicinal herbs and plants
Active development of classical scientific medicine does not diminish the value of medicinal plants, which are essential. Technology of assembling, storing, growing and use for many centuries have been passed…

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Medicinal herbs and plants
Active development of classical scientific medicine does not diminish the value of medicinal plants, which are essential. Technology of assembling, storing, growing and use for many centuries have been passed…

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Learning the technique of deep trance meditation.

The basics of Shamanism, Clairvoyance, Healing and Magic

In just six days, 12 hours, You can remotely (via Skype) to master the technique of clairvoyance . which is owned by Edgar Cayce , and learn how to use the deep trance of meditation in obtaining information . in the restoration of Health and I to achieve Success (in business and in relationships ) .

Deep trance meditation enable a person to enter an altered state of consciousness to enter the Astral plane . bypassing the level of “lower Astral plane” (level of fear, dead souls and dark entities). Such techniques possess shamans. But to enter into this state some people use Smoking blends, some special drinks, and some dancing around the campfire with a tambourine or harp (mouth musical instrument of the peoples of the North). The technique that we teach, helping to learn the deep trance of meditation . without resorting to auxiliary means, and does not require direct contact with the coach. Training & cleaning is carried out remotely using “Skype”. Classes are held regularly, with a small number of people (from one to three, no more). Allowing you to more efficiently work with each student.

The deep trance meditation – Samatha (Kosmicheskaya). But it is used only masters who have attained a high level of Spiritual Development. The technology of deep trance meditation . we teach, knew Edgar Cayce was a prophet and a healer. During meditation the Consciousness moves to the Astral plane (in higher dimensions 4 and above, or in parallel worlds Astral travel ). where time and distance is not linear and has no value, there are no secrets, there is a direct link with the energy-informational field of the Earth ( the akasha Chronicles ). We have these “worlds” visited during dreams and they seem so real, that awake, we may notice the difference. To be Conscious during dreams, you must master the technique of active dreaming . Now many children are born with these abilities, but if desired, they can be developed. Although there is no big difference as you get into this state through sleep or meditation . or mantras . or prayers . or tantricheskogo step . or rotating around its axis ( Sufi dervishes ). A dream is uncontrolled meditation, meditation is the controlled dream. All discoveries and masterpieces in art of our Civilization were not invented but were viewed in these States (Mendeleev, Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Pushkin, Vivaldi, da Vinci, etc.). Clairvoyants, healers, psychics are always in an altered state of consciousness by connecting to an information field of the planet, doing his job: looking through the list of past, present, future, healing other people (working with the subtle bodies of man), or working with projects, or with the situation (creating new, or reprogramming negative).

Trance mastered the technique of meditation, open up unlimited possibilities both in the access to information and the impact on the situation. It can be applied in rehabilitation (collection of energy, healing of diseases), acquiring new knowledge, discovering new abilities, and also, you can program your destiny, changing it for the better, becomes Successful . achieving the desired results, and be Happy .

This is the basis of clairvoyance, psychic, bioenergy and magic.

But to begin to master this technique, you must undergo a cleansing of the soul:

– release negative emotions (fears, phobias, guilt, aggression, nervousness, depression, self – doubt- Psychosomatics ),

– get rid of the blocking programs (contracts, vows) and magic effects (evil eye, damage, curses, omens),

– get rid of entities and podsolenny,

– become a true master of his thoughts and body.

Before these practices are very important Spiritual purity. Because “Thin” is all our thoughts (filled with emotions) materialize, both good and negative. And so as not to harm themselves or someone else, it is important to undergo a cleansing of the soul and mind. This is very important!

The objective of online training:

pass cleaning the astral and mental bodies to free themselves from negative emotions (fears, phobias, resentment, guilt, aggression – Psychosomatics), get rid of negative programs and magic effects.

to master the technique of self-cleaning.

learn to control your thoughts.

learn to relax and visualize.

learn how to recruit energy (bioenergetic exercises and breathing exercises) that will help bring your body into Harmony: “In healthy body – healthy Spirit”.

pass cleaning the energy centers (chakras) and energy channels

through the process of opening the “Third Eye”.

to master the technique of the energy of the Cosmos and Mother Earth (Gaia).

to master the technique of entering the deep layers of the Unconscious (the Astral plane).

to meet with a Spiritual Mentor, a Guardian angel, Higher self and learn to interact with them.

to master the technique of working with information past, present and future (clairvoyance, clairaudience, asnosyme).

to learn how to work with karma and to view past lives (regression therapy past).

to see healing practitioners (the basics of shamanism).

to find techniques of influencing the situation (programming and future management of Fate) and learning how to interact with living souls, or left this world (foundations of magic).

It is indeed – the possibilities are Endless!

Wish You success!