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Treatment of gastritis propolis – how to make, use and contraindications

Propolis for gastritis: use, contraindications

People who have problems with digestive tract often suffer a lot of discomfort – pain in the peritoneum, the discomfort caused by heaviness in the stomach, heartburn and a number of other unpleasant consequences. In such cases, any tricks are good, starting with medication and ending with traditional methods, among them the treatment with propolis is not the last role.

The use of propolis for gastritis

Propolis – a product of beekeeping, a bee glue brown or greenish color. He has a bright specific aroma, bitter taste with quality and a wide range of use. Unique healing properties of propolis make it effective with a large number of diseases.

The several benefits of propolis for gastritis are:

Anti-inflammatory effect;

Anti-microbial properties;


Good wound healing abilities;

Great painkillers;


Of course, the question of whether propolis for gastritis, has an extremely positive response, because it is a natural antibiotic, in addition to gastroenterology substance is in gynecology, traumatology and other fields of medicine.

Propolis for gastritis has a beautiful effective data,because he in addition to these indicators, has a high capacity for vitamins and minerals. In most of the episodes, the patient feels improvement after a week or decade.

Significant and the fact that long-term use and inhibition of pathogenic microorganisms, the human body acquires only the number of advantages, for example, strengthening the immune system. However, even with such a positive dynamics is best to consult a doctor, especially when the problem with the children, because propolis is a potent substance.

How to take propolis for gastritis?

In order for treatment of gastritis often insist propolis on alcohol. The product is sold already prepared in the pharmacy, and you can do it yourself, Bay 20 g propolis 100 g 95% alcohol and insist in a couple of days in a dark place. Here in the future application, it is necessary to be careful, because the tincture, made in the home, tighter.

How to take propolis tincture? Undiluted drink tool – 15 drops 1 hour before meals for 2 weeks. However pertova tincture of propolis for gastritis applicable within other components. For example:

Take water 10 grams, Kalanchoe juice, honey and bitters, stirred and warmed to room temperature by the water bath after 30 minutes turn off the heat and move the dishes in a dark run. Use a spoon 3 times a day before meals for 60 days. This drug ideal for the treatment of gastritis propolis with low acidity. Walnuts 2 – 3 minutes boil in milk, tsedyat, plus tincture, plus a tablespoon of honey. This tool has proven effective in the treatment of gastritis propolis with high acidity. Even prepare herbal tea Linden flowers, fennel, peppermint, licorice root melcat, pour pitch, doveryaut about 20 minutes, then leave to infuse for 3 hours. Shortly before use here append a spoon of honey and propolis, drink 0.5 cups before eating.

How to drink propolis for gastritis? Most often when you need drink a mixture of bee glue with honey, diluted with water, before meals. Also popular is propolisnoe milk. It is prepared on the basis of domestic milk and bee glue, 1 litre per 50 g. Cook 10 minutes, stir continuously so that milk is not burnt. Drink 100 g 3 times a day before meals. This jelly is delicious and possesses useful properties in diseases of the gastrointestinal system.

In the case when it is not acceptable to drink propolis might just take the product into pieces about 0.5 g and dissolving chewing or drinking liquid. To take one 3-4 times a day half an hour before meals. This method has exceptional efficiency.

In case of illness with exacerbations or erosion exists oil from propolis. For this purpose dissolve 120 – 140 grams of propolis per 1 kg of butter or olive oil. Used a spoon before meal for about 1 month. If there is a need, a course of therapy is repeated at intervals of break in 2 – 3 weeks.


Choosing what medication to treat gastritis. care should be taken. Despite the fact that recipes with bee product is good to use, they are not for everyone:

Allergies – this category of people need to be especially careful in the use of propolis, because it contains balms, essential oils, resins, wax, contributing to the manifestation of allergic irritation. Here the best option is the refusal of this treatment. And even in the absence of Allergy better make sure that the product will not cause such a reaction. To make the sample through small doses. Children naturally, tincture on alcohol, they are contraindicated in any quantity. Pregnancy is strictly forbidden to use the internal use of alcohol in the period of carrying a child!

This is only the main contra-indications to be followed without fail. However, there are individual characteristics of the organism or health, render impossible the adoption of propolis. So still consult with a doctor about commencing use of traditional medicine.