Which is beneficial to grow in a greenhouse – recommendation for beginners

Greenhouse business – a profitable business

The more our life is technical progress, the more people pay attention to a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. And the more obvious the benefits become greenhouse business, providing the people with fresh vegetables all year round.

With the right approach to business it remains profitable despite the ever increasing competition in this field.

Where to start

Of course, you have to start with buying or building greenhouses. This is if you already have a plot of land under it.

If not, buy or rent. But it is action, which can be done only after you analyze all available information to understand whether a profitable greenhouse business in your area.

It is necessary to know the needs and purchasing power of the population, to calculate the cost of maintenance, heating, lighting, greenhouses, transportation costs, taxes, etc. It is a complex issue on which we in this article will not stop.

For reference. The softer climate, the higher the benefits from greenhouse business, since locally grown products are cheaper to transport over many kilometers every day than to support shelters in the optimal temperature and illumination in the more sorvigolova.

Experienced people suggest that you start with small areas, even if you have sufficient funds for larger-scale launch. If all goes as it should, to expand never too late.

But in order to understand your business and how it is profitable enough comparatively small greenhouses the size of 5×20 m which can be built with your own hands.

Greenhouse farming for tomatoes

If you already have one, you are confronted with the following question: how to equip. This applies not only to technical equipment, which will be watered, ventilation, lighting and heating greenhouses, but also the internal filling, the location of the beds, shelves and other things.

Choose the type of greenhouse activities

Here we come to the main question: what’s more profitable to grow in the greenhouse? The answer depends largely on local conditions and markets, but the majority of workers in this area people believe that the profitability ranking in descending order is as follows: flowers, herbs, vegetables, mushrooms and berries.


It is believed that the flower business the highest profitability – all costs are repaid within a year, after which you will be working on profit.

What it will be, depends on many factors, and primarily on the following:

View of cultivated flowers – garden or room. With outdoor is usually less of a hassle, but after cutting they must be immediately implemented.

Indoor decorative plants less demanding in terms of implementation, but often require more attention and care.

Flowers and flower seedlings in the greenhouse

The way it’s used. The benefit of a greenhouse business of growing flowers depends on who and how you will sell your product.

If the dealers, the profit will be small, but there’s no problem with losing quickly marketable products. If using own a flower shop, you can rely on high revenues, but to assume maintenance of the retail outlets, reporting, salary payment to vendors, florists, wait staff.

The ability of a farmer to adapt to the needs of the market. It’s no secret that the greatest demand for flowers has for the holidays, these dates and you need to be able to grow the bulk of fragrant products to get more profit.

Had a couple of days late, or misses – and to realize it will be more difficult.

The disadvantages of floral business can be attributed to a fluctuating demand and the need for urgent implementation of the cut plants, and especially their transportation.


Growing flowers is not only the possibility of obtaining high income, but also a way of satisfying their aesthetic needs. This is especially true of women.

But labor-intensive this business is very complicated. Much easier to grow herbs(see How to grow lettuce: technology ).

Despite the fact that the price of the bunch of dill or parsley far less than the cost of a bouquet of flowers, this business profitability is almost equal to flower due to daily and year-round demand for green products.

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