Methods of dealing with varicose veins on the legs

Quite 2-3 times a day to wipe the visible varicose nodules and seal this substance, so closely after a month, the plane of the legs looked the most healthy and cute: atherosclerosis of cerebral .

This podsoblyaet traditional remedy to relieve painful feelings and heaviness that accompany varicose veins. Through the deepest veins from flowing backwards up to 90 the blood (via the surface 10), therefore, very unsafe for minor diseases. Wipe the lower limbs in places swelling with ice cubes, this will reduce the swelling and will slow down the heaviness in the legs.

Therefore the aim of the physician to explain the patient’s own how not to get on the operating table, but prevention of such opportunities must be the goal throughout the patient’s life, because his health is in his hands.

Wherever you notice these symptoms, immediately call quick . Of course, few nasty feelings in the legs connected with varicose vein insufficiency, although you are obliged to give constant problematischer! Combating varicose veins of the legs.

Today there are many methods of dealing with varicose veins, most of them quite painless.

In addition, in the fight against varicose veins proven. Pain and heaviness in the legs, which is always accompanied by varicose.

We offer you to decide for yourself how to treat varicose veins and choose your way of getting rid of the disease.

Personally popular prerequisite of varicose veins is considered sitting and standing life style. In varicose veins the valves are unable to shut closely, and in consequence the blood does not go away, and starts to go down and stagnate. Besides all this, in order to heal varicose veins on the legs, apply the tincture of chestnuts for rubbing his shins. Varicose veins of the representatives of the stronger sex happen at least, than the fairer sex, although in the history of the loss of legs is the place to be.

It is possible to do and personally, although it’s better to have this traded experts who understand how the anatomical and physiological construction of the amazingness of the venous vessels. And all the more wise it is possible to count only complete the alignment to the dilemma — specifically, the use of ethnic recipes medicine together with prof therapy. Not to add, in fact the stronger sex have a chance to boast about a special male varicose expansion of veins of the spermatic cord (). Loss of flexibility and the tone of the vascular wall raises the result of unusual Trac (work, woven with a long presence in vertical position) extra overload during pregnancy, obesity and exercise sports hormones, which place belongs to hormonal imbalance while nurturing the child, and yet in menopause multiple violations of feeding and food preferences to products, which have a great influence on the vascular wall of the venous-arterial fistula, which have the potential to cause enlargement of veins including young people. Walk more on the toes as far as possible do the swim and do a little Hiking. For example, you are at risk, since lead a sitting lifestyle, or conversely, spend all day on your feet. Recipe making simple — 50 grams of colors of this plant pour 0, 5 liter. vodka and require over 2 weeks. Certainly consider, in fact only a phlebologist assigns a cure, and when your stage of disease is more burdening, the family exercises have the potential to be not very effective.

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Coagulation method of curing veins and spider veins and varicose veins precursors. Cold foot bath among other things is considered to be effective technique instant relieve signs of fatigue in the legs. First disease as soon widened 2-3 wreaths, people often focus on the forwards, although the illness progresses, and the difficulties begin. Doctors have to deal with another manifestation of varicose veins bleeding, as soon as the ailment is started up to such degree, the veins actually protrude above the surface of the skin an inch and have a chance to get hurt including the result of microscopic injury. Having passed favorably the right atrium, the clot can become stuck immediately in the pulmonary trunk, as soon as possesses great volumes, or will advance into the pulmonary artery, which allow more favorably fail. The title happened from the word a special enzyme trapped in the saliva of leeches that prevents blood clotting.

Swelling of the legs and improve leg vein it is possible to remove by using chilled water or ice at home criteria