Traditional Chinese folk medicine
What is it, what is traditional Chinese medicine? The traditional Chinese medicine . Chinese folk medicine . China - for centuries it formed the system of practices and teachings based…

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Psychic healing
Sometimes in some cases medicine is powerless. This applies to severe diseases or diseases of unknown origin, as well as situations, when a person rejects medicine, for example in alcoholic…

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Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of epilepsy

In epilepsy treatment is best carried out taking into account constitutional type.

The Constitution of a “Windy” type (the excess in the meridians of the gallbladder and liver). In China it is called the syndrome of internal Wind of the liver and may occur after closed cranial trauma.

The failure of “Wind”, i.e. the lack of the meridians of the gallbladder and liver. It happens in severe liver failure because of toxic liver damage, drug-induced hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver.

Insufficient “Warm” and “Hot” types. For example, typical for epilepsy lesions of the small intestine, heart, triple heater meridians and the vascular systems, which often give very large seizures.

Epilepsy in patients with excess Constitution “Wet” type. Epilepsy it is considered “Yang” of the stomach. These patients are usually plethoric. Have hypertension, epigastric pain. Continue reading

The use of medicinal herbs radikalnoe after prostatectomy

The invention relates to chemical-pharmaceutical industry, namely to funds on vegetable basis, to increase potency. Oil to increase potency is a mixture of essential oils and fatty oils jojoba, essential oil contains lemongrass, geranium, Cubeb litsea, calamus, tobacco, Jasmine, limetta, eucalyptus, ginger, thyme, Laurel, cypress, bergamot, cinnamon, cloves, juniper and buy oil. The oil quickly restores potency in case of fatigue, exhaustion, excessive work, after a long period of stress or insomnia.

The invention relates to chemical-pharmaceutical industry, namely the means of plant-based to increase potency

Sexual response in men and women results from a complex interaction of psychological, hormonal and other physiological factors. An important aspect of sexual response that are common to both men and women is the erectile response, which occurs as a result of the interaction between the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system and circulatory system.

If there are any obvious differences in sexual response between men and germinability and one common aspect of sexual response is the erectile response. Erectile response in men and women is the result of blood filling of cavernous tissue of genitals in response to sexual stimulation (physical, psychological or both). Continue reading

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The benefits and harms of arugula, nutritional value, usage in folk medicine, contraindications
Arugula: the benefits and harms Arugula is a plant of the cruciferous family, Brassicaceae, which is recognized as official medicine is quite a useful product. More recently, the arugula was…


Traditional healers - the WAY to YOURSELF
T. E. Shoikova Age-63 years. Lives in: S. Bolshetroitsky Belgorod region Shebekino district. I met with Tatiana Chuikova unexpectedly. Namely, as soon as I began working more closely study and…

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